McDaniel College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who thrives on challenge, innovation, and continually searches to expand intelect, common goals, charity, bettering the community or sense of self.


Someone who likes the feel of a small high school setting and wont become restless if they can't get off campus


A sociable person should attend this school. A person outside of the classroom who is also willing to be a student-athlete or participate in greek-life will have a more enjoyable experience. Students participating in these activities will always have an activity to occupy their free time that will keep them out of trouble. These students will also be surrounded by friendly people to hang out with.


McDaniel is a small, private, liberal arts college with 1700 undergraduate students and a location in the small town of Westminster, MD. It is not a large university by any means, but someone looking for a small college that caters to individual student needs would find McDaniel the perfect place. The average class size is about 17 students and the classes are capped off at 25, so you get to know your teachers well and develop lasting relationships with both friends and faculty. McDaniel excels in all of its academic programs and the course loads are challenging, but very rewarding.


fun person who loves to have a great time!


fun, hardworking, quiet, small town person


people who should go here would be interested in a small school and the sciences since that is what mcdaniel does really well with