McDaniel College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that should not attend this school is one that is merely focused on having a good time. Common "frat-bros" should not attend this college if they are looking for the most beautiful women and daily drinking. This school was a great time for me. But, that's because I made the most of it.


Anyone who does not have the desire to succeed should not attend Mcdaniel because this school works to help every student be as successful as they can be. A person who is used to the city life would not enjoy McDaniel College because of the location. Westminster is a very small town with not much to do. A person who does not have a strong sense of community or school spirit should not attend McDaniel because at McDaniel we are like a family, even if you don't know someone they will hold the door for you.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind of person that is attracted to the commercialized college lifestyle. When you think of this lifestyle, you think of tons of school spirit at football /basketball games with the stadium filled with students in their school colors. You also think of an exciting social life, constantly meeting people and going out. McDaniel however is a small, private liberal arts school. The campus is very much relaxed and for the most part, reserved.


Someone who is used to really big schools...McDaniel is a small school so you know basically everyone


Of all the students I know at school, the majority of them are in some sort of academic/social club/organization, take part in community service projects on and off campus, and are doing exceptionally well in most or all of their classes. Someone who likes to be couped up in their room and are unmotivated academically probably would not enjoy my school. Another aspect is the size. Our classes are small and offer academically teacher-student relationships. If you're looking for a big school, McDaniel probably isn't the best choice for you.


A person who likes a small tight knit community. One who enjoys having that security plus the advantage of being central to bigger cities such as Baltimore and DC. Most people who would like this school must be willing to become involved on campus rather than letting the campus entertain you. The diversity in learning styles is very unique here so you don't have to worry about being motivated or slacking, you'll find a place to fit in.


Someone who enjoys challenging themselves and someone who isn't afraid to stand up and voice their opinion in small class lectures and discussions. Someone who is academically motivated and knows how to balance a social life and their school work. Someone who doesn't mind seeing the same people everyday. Someone who wants to build a one-on-one relationship with their professors.


Do not attend McDaniel if you are not open-minded and can engage in intelligent discussion. Many ideas and opinions are bounced about in a typical classroom here, and there is no way you can get something out of our learning environment if you can't be tolerant of others' views.


Someone who is used to a big city should not attend this school. McDaniel College is located in the middle of Westminster, what is described as a "Main Street America Community". The city and its surrounding areas are very conservative small town.


Someone who likes to live in a busy city, or a place with a lot of diversity culturally. Though there is diversity, it is on a small scale. The campus is very small, so the atmosphere is much different than that of a larger state school or university. And, it is great for people who are open-minded and like to try subjects that they might not initially think to study.


Somebody looking for a large school, where teachers will not know their names so attendance does not matter. People who would rather be lost ina crowd instead becoming part of a community.