McHenry County College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are pretty layed back and mostly quiet.


Mixed variety of students from local high schools and university drop outs.


My classmates vary greatly in age, attitude, and social groups, but most are ther for the common goal of learning.


I would describe my classmates as eager, passionate, understanding, and intelligent individuals who have been presented with the chance at higher education, embraced it, and are making the most out of their college experience by studying hard, putting their best efforts forward, and making their time in college both successful and memorable.


They vary from new high school graduates to parents to adults just looking to further their education and build upon their current living status.


My fellow classmates are from alll sorts of backgrounds bringing a variety of diversity to the school.


My classmates are all small town students who want more in life and want to go away to a larger school and see what is out there in the world that we rarely get to see here in our county.