McHenry County College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is not sure what to major in yet and just wants to get gen eds out of the way.


I think almost any kind of person should attend this school. There's people of all ages and backgrounds, each with different goals. There's lots of people fresh out of high school, saving money while completing general eds while deciding which 4 year school to transfer to. There's people who just enjoy learning. And there's people like me, returning to school after a decade or so to make a better life for themselves.


If someone has a desire to acquire a four-year degree at a larger college or university, this is an excellent means of completing the required courses for much less money and in a smaller school community. Additionally, for someone like myself who is interested in receiving a certificate for a particular program without needing the required courses, this is an excellent choice. Anyone serious about their education, rather than partying every weekendin the dorm or elsewhere, would find this a welcome environment.