McHenry County College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the money I am saving by doing a two- year community college first. Also, because it is so close to home, I am able to work as well to help pay for school.


because its a good thing that we study and learn so much in one class so that we can achieved our goal ot read for our dream career. we can talked to people and study with them but there is so many ways that we can make our college is the best thing to have friends and work hard at college and classes and still have our own passion for our career.


The best thing about Mchenry County College is the caring staff and also the Sage Learning Center. This is a place where students may go if they are struggling in any class and receive help from tutors. It is free of charge and has been proven to raise grades and the confidence of myself and many students in classes.


The best thing about my school is what it offers to me personally as a student. Mchenry County College offers diversity in the student body, a more afforable way to get the education I need and I can stay close to home and family. Also MCC encourages students to get involved in community service to better themselves and help others which is how I got started with helping out at "Home of the Sparrow", " Helping Paws", and " Animal House ."


McHenry County College provides a significant amount of help to distant education students. It supplies those with study guides, clear information about the course, and the professors are reliable to reply back to messages and help if needed. The administration is always helpful and reliable. It must get frustrating to see thousands of students everyday who are trying to get their schedule straightened but those working there try to stay in a good mood and help as much as they can.


The classes are small, so you have more one on one time with teachers. The teachers are right there with you and it's easy to get help outside of class.