McKendree University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place where you are your own person and your education is on the forefront of the attention, but there are also opportunities for out of the classroom success.


McKendree provides an excellent education to outstanding students.


A small School with great professors, and Great Students and staff.


McKendree University allows students to experience a small school environment with friendly and helpful teachers and staff along with an amazing student body who are always kind and respectful that will ultimitely lead to a useful degree from a school with a good name.


My school is a spirited, community-based, positive campus that focuses on academic success and building for a successful future.


Mckendree is a diverse school full of people from all different backgrounds, mostly athletes, and has a very tight-knit group of students


Small town charm that will make you proud that you go there.


McKendree University is a great school with an exstensive staff that cares about you as a student and wants you to succeed.


McKendree is a fantastic school.


McKendree University is a small school with huge education and helpful teachers and staff that are willing to help the students.


McKendree University is like a family, where you can always go to any professor for help at any time of day.


McKendree University is a college not only prestige, but also a college with a faculty that provides students with motivation and a desire to succeed; in a short eight weeks, McKendree has come to feel like home and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.


Mckendree is the kind of college that will change your life, help you to believe in yourself that you can make a difference in the world, and will offer you the most amazing set of professors, advisors, and administators, always trying to reach out to the students, going above and beyond everyone's expectations.


Small campus that is easy to navigate and feels like a community.


McKendree University is a small, highly academic, friendly, career-oriented institution.


Friendly, fun, superior academic setting.


Mckendree University provides one of the best educations in Illinois.


McKendree is a very open-minded, liberal arts campus that stongly focuses on education and buisiness majors; yet, it is not as intensely art or science oriented.


It's a small, friendly campus that's full of opportunites and students from all over the world.


It is a very good school that has an very understanding adult program for the most part that understand that you have a job and family besides going to school.


McKendree is a small, liberal minded, open, diverse, tight knit community that not only prides itself on the value of a student's education but also upon the content of the relationships and connections that are made through the undergraduate and graduate years of study.


McKendree University is a friendly, academic focused place to go to school that allows everyone to feel apart of the campus community.


My school is a small, diverse, highly regarded university with a beautiful campus.


Overall the Mckendree school is a pretty nice and neat place to be.