McKendree University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Like every University, McKendree has it's students that do not take college serious, and then you have some who love it. I personally love the students for the most part! I am a very outgoing and social person, and being surrounded by students who have the same passion and drive that I do for furthering our education is amazing! I absolutely love it!


My classmates in general are nice people. I think that since most of them are from around here, with a few international students that I mostly don't interact with, there isn't too much diversity, but McKendree is definitely trying to make the campus more diverse.


McKendree is a small-town university with a very homey feel. Students are able to get the college experience and still stay fairly close to home.


My classmates come in three varieties: academically driven, slackers, and people there on sports scholarships


determined and focused.


The students at McKendree are extremely helpful and friendly.


My classmates are very dedicated to becoming as successful as possible, but sometimes lack the comprehensiveness needed to achieve the highest level of success.


Although some are distracted by the new college experience, they all also work their hardest to become great citizens that can benefit society.


My classmates at McKendree College are really friendly and social people. Everyone is very helpful if you have a question about where something is or what to do if you are confused. The people at McKendree are just all around great people.


My classmates, roommates, and living acquaintances are fun, persevering , intellegent students looking to brighten their future to the best of their abilities based on the knowledge gained at McKendree University.


My classmates at McKendree are as different as the snowflakes; there are conservatives and liberals, black and white, introverts and extroverts.


My classmates are funny, usually attentive, and responsible for their work in the class.


The students at this school are close-knit and look out for one another.


My classmates are all very diverse, not only in race and ethnicity, but in their opinions, mind-sets, likes, dislikes and personality; I try to keep an open horizon on making friends from every walk of life.


My classmates are very friendly and helpfull when needed.


Very down to earth students with a common goal to succeed.


The students at Mckendree are distracted; they do not know where they are going with their lives and worried about tomorrow instead of next year.


My classmates are diverse not only in sex but also in age and race and while many play a variety of sports and participate in a number of activities, making friends and connections between people is very easily done.


My classmates come from different backround, ethnicities, and learning styles, however we can all come together in one classroom or group setting and agree upon the same subjects; the diversity in my classmates is amazing, but proves that we can all interact and tolerant differences.


My classmates are often my greatest teachers becasue they can help me to see things differently and from their perspectives, which may be very different than mine.