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Quality of faculty


Lebanon Illinois is a small town where the oldest college in the state is located- McKendree University. The students and faculty are like their own community; they are friendly, serving, and always striving for the best. Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service is dedicated to a variety of activities that serve the local community. The beautiful, historical campus is know for being one of the top 100 best online programs in the nation. Students who grew up in rural hometowns feel as if they can make McKendree University their home away from home.


Mckendree is an extordinary school because everyone is very friendly. Also, with less than 3,000 students going there that makes each class smaller than 30 students. Which is great because i come from a highschool that had similiar class sizes. Its also great that the campus is so small because this way you can get to classes alot faster and easier.


Here at McKendree University, there is a small-school environment unlike larger schools that most students in the area choose to attend. With this environment comes a feeling of familiarity. One gets to know their peers and professors much better than students at a larger university do. It's a great feeling knowing there is some reliability amongst the campus. One can turn to peers or professors for anything needed, and all are willing to help. McKendree University definitely feels like a home away from home.


My school helps nontraditional students like me further their education while working full time and having a family.


McKendree at Louisville is geared toward that student who is working a regular 9-5 job. Classes are accelerated, so that students can move through their classes quickly. The focus is on getting your degree, not on social aspects.


One of the most unique things about McKendree is that the class size does not range from 20 to 200 like some schools. Class sizes at McKendree range form 10 to 40. They are small and personal which is great for when you need to speak to your professor about an issue. When you got o them, thye know your name and are more able to help you and you are able to form relationships with them.


McKendree University is a small school with limited things to do in town but we are located 10 to 25 minutes away from larger cities such as St. Louis , Missouri. I like this because it means if I want a quiet night in with my friends I can or if I want to go out to clubs I am not far way. The community that McKendree is located in is very centered around tradition which I like a lot because it has a very old town feel and makes for less distractions.


McKendree University prides itself on preparing teachers entering the workforce to be knowledgeable, caring, and aware that learning is in fact a life-long process. It is because McKendree maintains this philosophy of education that I am honored to count myself among its students. I believe these are qualities every teacher must possess in order to be effective. I have the strength and the drive required for achieving my dreams, and I believe McKendree University can help me reach these goals and make a lasting contribution.


Small classroom sizes make McKendree very personal and family like. I really enjoy the created atmosphere of family that McKendree upholds. It allows people to be comfortable, while being exposed to much diversity. It also allows people to feel significant and not just a number; my future feels of higher value because I am known by name and invested in by professors and faculty. My success is gained through their success as a professor; to them, it is not just a job. They truly are educators who make a great investment in our future and I love it.


It is a private, religion-based university with an overwhelming welcoming environment. The professors, advisors, and aides are always willing to take time out for one-on-one discussions. The professors and advisors are very goal-oriented for their selves as well as for their students. They're expectations are high but not out of reach. The relationship between the students and teachers is kind of personal; the staff really cares about every students' future. Also, what other school has a dance party in a brick pit with lots of foamy bubbles?! McKendree is a school based on the students.


I am currently in the BSN program at McKendree which offers a majority of its classes online. This makes it much easier for me to go back to school to complete by degree while still working and raising a family.


McKendree University is unique in the fact that the professors and doctors truly care about the students and want them to do well. As a student at McKendree you are not just a number, but a student that professors and other faculty all get to know. Since at McKendree everyone gets to know one another, you basically become like a family.


The campus is small, and instructors seem genuinely concerned for my success. In other colleges (and universities) I considered or have attended, I felt more like part of the "herd" being cattle-proded through their system. McKendree has provided me with a long overdue hope of realized success and completion of my degree - something I never received from other institutions. McKendree's adult program has been more convenient that others in the area, making it possible to study while engaging my career and family life! It's been a wonderful experience from the start!


Its relatively small and very expensive, a factor that I enjoy because the campus is extremely beautiful.


The people I met. I know everywhere you go there are great people, but everytime I am on campus I meet someone new who can teach me something for my future. I found my best friends here who taught me to golf. It is close to home so I often see old friends from my past. The school has "brown bag" lunches where you can bring your lunch and listen to a speaker about thier experiences from studying abroad, traveling, working experience, political issues and more. Lastly, almost everyone is an athlete, so I can really relate to them.


The university is ver accomodating to studends needs. The professors are always available for questions and encoruage feedback from students


MCK is about 15-20 minutes outside of St. Louis. This means that you have a country feeling with pretty scenery but you also have a mall 10 minutes away along with all the fast food you could imagine and all of the city life. such as clubs and major sporting venues.


Firstly I would like to inform you that McKendree College is now McKendree University. This was changed July 2006. My school is unique because it is the oldest college in Illinois and with that comes a lot of tradition and rich history. As a future Social Science educator, this was important to me to have a school that had a deep history and was well founded. McKendree University fulfils this requirement.


Its alot smaller which is good because its easier to get to your class and around the campus. Also, you meet more people becuase you are so close.


We have professors who really care about their students. It is also close enough to the city for internships, off-campus jobs, and a unique social life to become a reality.


The uniqueness about McKendree is that the admission counselors and financial aid advisors go out of their way to help you in any way possible. The admissions counselors help smooth the process of enrolling . The financial aid advisors will go out of their way to help you receive the most financial aid possible. Not only are they helpful but very friendly and the communication is excellent. McKendree has excellent professors who go out of their way also to help a student succeed whether it be for their class or to help with another class. Overall, McKendree exceeds its expectations.


The classs are very small, which allows anyone to have one-on-one time with professors, which really helps when you struggle or don't understnad something, where as a big university it would be very difficult to do.