McKendree University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


McKendree's cafeteria has a lot of room for improvement. Being away from home, having good home cooked meals is important. The quality is not very good and the variety is very limited. After three weeks, I was already tired of the cafeteria and looking for other places to eat. This is not good because students need to eat good healthy food, especially since a lot of our students are athletes. I have resorted to spending my own money and getting fast food. The cafeteria should be a place to eat well and spend time with friends.


The same classes aren't offered each semester.


Most frustrating thing about my school is that there is never enough time to do homework each night. Because it conflicts with sports and other activities.


Theres not much around the town to do if you want to go to walmst you need to go down the road to O'Fallon.


The most frustrating thing at McKendree University is the wifi connection. It is not stable or reliable and goes out at least a few times a week. This makes completing homeowork or online quizzes for classes difficult.


I have been at Mckendree for around two months. I have taken and completed two courses. I have no complaints thus far, only suggestions. The only thing that has come across as frustrating is the web advisor does not always work. This is were we can see grades, bills, and class schedules. It is the most important thing on the website, and becomes frustrating when it is not working correctly.


Dry campus,


Not enough activities for the minorities, everything seems to surround the Caucasian Students


Honestly, there is nothing I dislike about McKendree University. The material I am currently undertaking is relevent and challenging enough to bring me to that next level. In addition, the staff is knowledge and courteous, which I found very refreshing as a transfer student. Furthermore, the teachers a very professional, and yet maintain a student oriented focus. Put simply, I love attending McKendree University because it is a university where the individual truly matters.


The most frustrating thing about Mckendree is the different attention each sport gets. I play soccer at Mckendree and we seem to get the small straw in many situations. We dont even have a locker room to get ready in. It is actually a classroom that we dress and prepare in. I beleive it is very important to have equality in sports. I can recognize that basketball and football are going to get a lot of attention but it would be nice to show the same support for other sports such as soccer, tennis, and volleyball, and so on.


It is a small school and cost of titution.


The most frustrating thing about McKendree University is that it took me over fifty years to find it.


My only wish would be for McKendree to offer more self-study courses in my current degree program. I am an adult student, with an active career and family life which sometimes make evening schedules difficult, but I've been able to manage keeping in mind my short-term struggles will pay off with substantial and long awaited rewards.


There really is not anything frustrating about the school. The professors are great with the students, the campus offices are incredibly helpful to students with questions or problems and the students really get along. The only thing that could be better would be more on-campus housing and parking. There is not a lot of that, but the campus community is constantly growing so the school needs to build better accomodations for the increasing population.


The most frustrating thing about McKendree is the fact that our internet goes out constantly.


The time it takes them to process your refund for financial aid


Sometimes the internet sessions run a little slow due to some problems with the IT department.


If you have test in each class all in the same day. Trying to juggle school full time, work full time, and a child


The weekends are dead. Everyone goes home and there's not a whole lot going on since this is a dry campus, there's no on campus partying, and the bars around here are all 21 and up, so younger students tend to go home a lot.