McKendree University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Oh my goodness, the difficulty to get out of my High School ways and get prepared for college. Also, if you are one who is not use to being away from family for a long time and plan to live on campus, be prepared to go through many different emotions. But other than that, I felt like I was well prepared.


If I could travel back in time and give myself the actual truth about college, I think I would have done a lot of things different. I was expecting that I was going to be stepping into a controlled environment. I did not expect to be stepping into an open range all responsibilities are on you type of environment. Personally I would have told myself that you need to buckle down and be more focused to your school work and listening in class.


I wish I knew about the housing restrictions and the overwhelming cost at times along with knowing my true degree track beforehand.


Before attending this school, I would like to know where offices are so I know where I can get help if I need assistance. I would also like to know what facilities surround McKendree University. I would have also liked to know all of the activites that are on campus so I can be more involved.


McKendree is a great school, but is not a place for party animals. To many people, college is a time to go wild, but that's not at all what McKendree is about. I was a little apprehensive and expected some crazy college parties that I would have to avoid, but my worries were quickly put to rest. College doesn't have to be about going off the deep end. There are more ways to enjoy your freedom than partying and McKendree offers many alternatives that are just as great!


I sincerely regret not giving high school more of a chance, regardless of what factors that assisted me not achieving my true potential. High school was an escape from home life and I replaced socializing and peace for learning. I did what I needed to get a diploma. I have learned the value of education. I cannot imagine what I could have achieved if I had excelled in high school. I had the ability, but none of the adults in my life took the time to see an academic diamond in the rough. I should have made them take notice.


Before attending this school, I wish I would known the rules and regulations for scholarships. There are many different stipulations that they do not alert you of at the time of acceptance.


I wish I would have been better financially prepared for the cost of a private institution.


I wish I would have known how difficult it was going to be to find more money to help pay for school. Also, it is much more time consuming than the junior college I previously attended.


I wish I would have considered going to a community college to take general education course before entering McKendree University.


I wish I would have known the amount of activities going on during the day. I'm an adult-learner attending night classes, so I missed out on a lot.


I had all of the information needed prior to my acceptance and commitment to this university.


I can honestly say there are very few things that I don't like about McKendree. The only complaint is the lack of consistent internet service, which is important. Aside from that, I love the atmosphere and the feeling of knowing that your teachers all know who you are by name. I am studying psychology and didn't realize it would be as intense as it is. I enjoy the challenge. McKendree is located in a very small town but is very close to St. Louis, MO.


Being a transfer student, I knew full well what I was getting into when I entered Mckendree University. Something I wish I knew before I started college in general is how much you change during you college education. The information that you gain during these four years of your life will shape who you will be for the rest of your life. Because of this, it is so important to savor every second of college and be appreciative of every bit of education you receive. I wish I had known that when I began my journey.


I wish I would have known about all of it. I transfered in and absolutely feel in love with McKendree and wish I would have look more into it when I was in high school.


nothing. I feel that i was well informed about the school and i have truly enjoyed my time here.


I was well aware due to friends/family that attended Mckendree.


School is easy as long as you want to succeed.


I wish I had known how much work I was going to have to do to come this far. Professors and advisors help but in college if you want to succeed YOU have to do it.


I wish I had known how to study for the exams.


I wish that I had known all the expenses prior to attending the school, because I struggled find a way to pay the huge balance.


I wish i wouldve known about the things you could do on the weekends and the life outside of school. I also wish that I couldve known about the classes more.


That I would be in great debt in a time of economic crisis due to student loans. Money issues with the school far outweigh my education. Working full-time while getting an education is much harder than I could have ever anticipated.


McKendree prides itself on small class sizes and I wish I would have known that before I enrolled at a junior level college. I would have preferred to have started my freshman year at McKendree if I would have know about the small class sizes. McKendree lets a class meet regardless if only a couple of students are enrolled. It just goes to show you that McKendree does care about the students and the classes they need to fulfill their degree.