McKendree University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about my school would be the many scholarship opportunities, and also the way the admissions counselors get involved to help you out the most they can. I kept in touch with my counselor all the time, and she has been wonderful with helping me succeed and getting in to the university. It can be pricy, but they are wonderful at trying to help you afford it.


The best thing about McKendree is the opportunities given to students by professors and staff. I have had the opportunity to study abroad, be the president of marketing club, and get an internship by working closely with professors who care so much about their student's development.


The sense of community


I would consider Diversity the best thing about McKendree. Even though McKendree is a small campus, it really brings everyone that is a part of the school together. McKendree also tries to reach out to others to come and be a part of the McKendree family. There's different functions and gatherings that any and everyone is invited to. On campus there are events that are held such as parties, or meetings that you can go to and participate in. Just as a whole, McKendree really makes you feel welcome and at home when you're away from home.


The best thing about McKendree University is the family-like atmosphere. Everyone treats you like family as soon as you walk on campus.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is the fact that we have a small student body. The actuality of developing as a student in such a small group of people places me in a unique environment. My small school generates the overwhelming feeling of a family. I believe that the minute size of McKendree University allows all of its student the feeling of belonging and love, just through its tight-knit, community-based educators and students.


My school's focus is not only on the completion of a college degree for its attendees, but on the success of the individual in the future. This success is obtained by striving to achieve a high academic level of knowledge, involvement in the community around us, and the education we need to succeed in any role we take in society. The class size is more conducive for a more personal experience. The professors and staff work to make the campus a close-knit, safe, and inviting community for the students.


McKendree is small enough to make you feel important, but big enough to make you feel like you're in college. After spending 18 years in a small town I was ready to leave the cornfields and move onto bigger and better things, but I didn't want to become a statistic either. McKendree is the perfect size and the people are so friendly! I've made some friendships that will last a lifetime and I can't wait to spend the rest of my college career here.


The best thing about my school is the great climate. The instructors are always very hands on and helpful to students in need. The course material is designed to fit the needs of the student. Overall, there is a very relaxed, comfortable, warm and inviting atmosphere.


It is small and safe. Great school to start off with if going to graduate school. Very friendly and very actice.


McKendree University has small class sizes, enabling me to have a close relationship when my teachers. All of my teachers are available for personal help should I ever need it.


The best thing about my school is that the staff really listens to the students problems and they try to fix it immediately. They just built the new dorms for this year and I have the privilege of living in them. At first, the students living here had no shower pressure or hot water; however, the faculty listened to our complaints and got it fixed in no time. Also, the teachers will help you after class or out side of class if you did not understand a lesson. They really do want you to succeed.


The best thing about McKendree is that my walk from one side of campus to the other takes only five minutes so it is very hard to be late which is a good thing. I also like that while walking across campus you can stop and have a conversation with many friends because of how small the school is everyone basically knows everyone. I feel safe knowing most of the people I go to school with because we are all friends.


The best thing about my school is the flexible schedule it offers. Evening classes at monthly intervals make it easy to have a full-time job, take care of a family, and still dedicate the time necessary to reach my highest potential in the classroom.


Mckendree University is a diverse, inclusive institution. What sets Mckendree apart from other universities is the flexibility and personal attention that a working, older student receives. Many older students are returning to college after many years to seek greater job opportunities in a difficult economy. Some students are simply returning to college to change careers. Mckendree University offers students the ability to take most of their classes online. They also offer students opportunities to network with other students in the same job field. I would not choose to attend anywhere else.


The best thing about Mckendree is the small nit community it has. The School only has a couple thousand attending it. Therefore the class sizes are smaller making it easier to learn. You become very close to teachers. They are very helpful when you need it and make time to answer your questions. Making friends at this schooll is fun and easy. Most of the time when you are walking on campus you can recognize almost every face you pass. This makes the environment extremely comfortable.


The best thing about McKendree University is that it is small and freindly. Students and faculty know each other and show a true concern for one another. Each student is known and cared about by both faculty and other students. You have the chance to really know other students on both an academic and social level. Your class schedual will overlap with other students putting you into a variety of learning experiances with them and the campus is compact enough that you see freinds going from one class to another.


The best thing about McKendree University is the college's focus on creating not just competent students, but enlightened, well-rounded individuals. McKendree, through its strong liberal arts foundation and community service-orientated role within its town and surrounding area, strives to open the minds of its students and allow them to develop their true sense of self and purpose in the big world around them.


The best thing about McKendree is the relationships that students form there. Students not only make friends with other students but with the faculty and staff as well. The faculty really care about students' progress, and they enjoy getting to know their students. They are also encouraging, and they urge students to do well academically. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I always feel comfortable asking them questions.


Small class sizes are the best thing about my school. The small sizes allow for personal interaction with professors and other students. Class discussion and personal attention in class is what really sets my school aprat. At McKendree, you are not just a number like large universities.


The best thing about my school is the high percentage of athletes that are brought in. More than half my class are athletes which I love! It makes group projects harder but easier at the same because we have the same goals in life and there is a connection between the group members. Not only does it make a connection between group members, it creates a connection between the majority of the students.


The best thing about McKendree University is the small class size they have to offer. For instance, a class will still meet if the class consist of three students. McKendree University prides itself on small class sizes and it it shows. In addition, McKendree may also be known for their staff that goes way beyond the call of duty to help a student out when needed. Whether it be for financial assistance, records, advising, counseling services, or just lending an ear for a student to vent McKendree's staff is well trained and always willing with a smile to help.


I love the smaller campus. This is because you get to know everyone so much easier and see familiar faces everyday. Class sizes are very small which allow for optimum learning experiences and everyone is very friendly.


Small classes because it is easier for me to learn and it is easier for the teachers to help one on one.