McLennan Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would like them to offer more 4 year degrees in their university center. So there could be a better variety and they could attract more students.


The worst thing about my college campus,sadly is the lack of students who participate in activities. Basketball games are usually stand scattered with faculty and their children and possibly an organization or two. Student Government meetings are skimpy, events are mainly staff supported and as a leader it can be discouraging.There are teachers and other community professionals who take out time to assist with proposals and meetings and besides board members, students are too busy "working".


The worst thing about my school is that its growing so fast with students from other Universities that the classes have HUGE teacher/student ratios.


The campus is so large and spread out, that it is hard to get around. The map that is given out is very confusing and hard to read.