McMurry University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It's a small school where the professors really care about you and will work with you on late work. You can also get recommendations from people you wouldn't normally at bigger schools, such as the VP of Academic Affairs.


My school is good for someone who is religious and enjoys the small school and campus atmosphere, with friendly people.


My school is old, smells old, it's either really hot or really cold but is one of the most welcoming and comfortable places I have ever been to and I wouldn't choose anywhere to go to school but here.


Fun, loving and sometime boring.


Friendly, friend/family orientated, You never feel like you are lost in a crowd.


McMurry is a place to learn, feel at home, and spend time with a huge family that is always there for you.


My school is a private university. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. All of my professors have alot of extra time to help when I need it.


My advice to anyone seeking to come here is to be in a mindset wanting to be involved on-campus. Students that do well here are those who are active around campus and often off-campus as well. Get to know each of your professors, and all of them understand what being a student is like. If someone comes to this campus not knowing who they are or what they want in life, the time here helps them to reflect on and form those ideas.