McNeese State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


McNeese State University provides students with the personalization of a small school but access to all the great programs and extracurricular opportunities of a bigger university.


My school is a beautiful, rich environment full of diversitile students and amazing professors who sincerely care about the student's education.


McNeese is a great environment to learn in; feels like home.


McNeese State University is a small college focused on academic excellence and hardwork.


A small, friendly, liberal arts university with helpful, knowledgable faculty and fun-loving, professionally driven students in a reasonably sized active city on a lake and which has many cultural events and festivals.


McNeese has a small student to teacher ratio. The classes are small so the teachers are able to focus on each student individually with hurting other students. There many cultural oppurtunities including the Banners Series.


There are a lot of frats and sororities on campus to prepare to by bombarded. Also, do not expect to get much money if you transfer. All the money goes to incoming freshmen, even if you have a 4.0.


My school is academically reliable in regards to learning what you need to learn to survive.


McNeese is a great school for a nursing major who is from Lake Charles.


my school is not to big and not to small, it is just the right size. its not to difficult, and it is not a cakewalk.


this is very boring!!


I really like McNeese. Everyone (especially students in your own field) gets close as if they are a family. You get to know teachers on a personal level and get to make lifelong friendships.