McNeese State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


They are doing alot of construction right now that is very disturbing to the students. Once it is finished I really do see anything that is wrong with McNeese!


The worst thing about my school it is small.


The administration isn't always cohesive. Sometimes you have to go to three buildings just to complete one task. It is a headache for something as simple as paying a fee. The campus is small and some days when I run errands it feels like I am visiting each building to do one simple task.


The offices are very disorganized. They lose papers and forget to contact students.


In my time here at McNeese, I have actually not found a single thing I dislike about it. The parking lots are in short walking distances from the campus, teachers are always available to help you, the students are friendly and open-minded, and the campus is beautiful.


I would say the worst about my school was the fact that because it is a small university - there is no where to hide! What I mean is: The faculty are not overloaded with so many students that they merely know you as a number. They get to know you, your likes/dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses and like I said - you cannot hide, they push you to achieve your goals.


In some ways it has the haunting familiar feeling of high school...a feeling you hope to abandon by the time you are going on to that next phase of your


Bad teachers. Not all teachers there are bad,..but there are quite a few of them that do not care about their students.


Its not as advanced as other universities. It still feels like high school.


Some of the administrative staff dont help out like they should.


I believe the university is spending too much money on 'decorations' for the school. Our state budget is pretty tight and colleges across the state are cutting back. This past year, McNeese spent a large amount of money on brick walls on the corners of the campus. This money could have been used to keep faculty at the school.


Living on-campus is the worst thing here. You will pay WAY too much for where you live and the staff is TERRIBLE!! There is a very rude manager who only cares about making money. The food services are scum. Bad food, terrible hours, lazy and careless servers.


Not being able to use our student id card declining balance money in the bookstore and other places off campus like other universities can. There are many other universities around the nation that have restuarants and other places that accept their money which, if offered here, would make things much easier for the students and faculty both.


Some of the buildings need work, but they decide to spend money on other important things!


The campus could use some updating and the students should have more school spirit.


The counselors tend to not give the best advice. Go to other students, they've made the mistakes and know better. Don't go into college planning on doing "just the basics" first because you will always waste your time.


It is a commuter campus


My school has a huge focus on Engineering, Nursing, and Education, but everyone else is left in the dust. The liberal arts are almost completely overlooked, understaffed, and liberal arts students are almost considered second-class. Like we're not smart enough for one of the real degrees. The school needs more equity in the distribution of resources. Nobody learns anything in English 101-102.


i consider the amount of research available to be the worst thing about this school.