McNeese State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone could pretty much attend this school. If a person isnt serious bout college they shouldnt attend at all.


The kind of people that shouldn't attend this school are those that don't have the determination and focus to succeed in college. They need to have goals that they are striving to set. The people that shouldn't attend this school are those people who don't care about an education, don't care about their community, and don't care about their future.


People who are very shy should not attend this school because most of the teachers require you to speak aloud in class. I myself am a shy person and I believe that teachers should not humiliate the students in the ways that they do.


A person who feels school is a waste of time should not attend McNeese State University. One which does not take the classes seriously or feel they can just drift by without trying their best.


Any type of student is encouraged to attend Mcneese State University.


Someone who would not be able to get off of campus easily and quickly during hurricane evacuations.


people from all over attend this school.


Basically anybody can attend this college


not applicable


who like to get involoved a lot in school because there is not much to do here.