McNeese State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could have the ability to go back in time as a high school senior, there will be so many advices that I would give myself to make many adjustments to prepare for the responsibilities that is ahead of me in college. Knowing now that I'm taking higher level math such as Calculus in college, going back in time I would tell myself to work hard earlier diving into the math books and online tutorials to progress my knowledge ahead of time. If I were to prepare the math ahead of time, that would make my life easier today. Another thing I would tell myself is to follow your dreams. Back when I was a senior in high school I did not know what major I want to go for in college. Now that I know what major to go for today, if I could go back in time and tell myself Computer Science by now I would save more money by not switching majors and as well today I would be far ahead in Computer Science to apply my knowledge to help myself to start my own computer software company at an early age.


Do not let the failures or successes of your high school career depict the student or person you are going to be in college. Making the transition from high school to college allows you the opportunity to start over as a student and a person and be whoever you want to be. Pursue your dreams, be ambitous, and explore everything offered at your university.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would tell myself to follow my heart and follow my dreams. You see I let people tell me when I was in high school that I was not good enough for college. My dream for my future as a high school student was to go into the military than go to college to achieve my BA in Social Work than go on to getting my Masters, but I let family members tell me that I was not good enough to do that. I would have worked harder to achieve that goal for myself. I would have defended my right to get to that goal. I would tell myself to go to college right after high school graduation, it is so much harder trying to get my degree now that I am older. I am having to take transitional classes and now that I am older life gets in the way. I have to find time to study around my children's schedule and taking care of my parents. So I would say to work your hardest to get the best grades and do not let yourself down.


I would tell myself that procrastinating will get me no where and that studying is way more important than I thought it would be. I would also tell myself that speaking up and participating in class discussions is a very big deal.


Looking back on my senior year of high school, some of the most important advice I would tell myself is to be more decisive and be more knowledgeable about which colleges and what courses are all being offered, and have a plan of course to help guide myself into a career that would be suitable for me. Also, I would say do not settle for going to any college for sports because its a decision that will change the course of life, just because money is being offered which is always a good thing, think long and hard about how i would like to see myself progress throughout the years and where would I picture myself senior year of college.


If I could go back to talk to myself as a high school senior there are many things I would tell myself for the future. The most important, however, pertaining to college life, would be simple. I would say to start prioritizing now; do not procrastinate. College is a bi gtransition and you need to be ready. Laziness is not an option, and neither is giving up. I would remind myself howmuch I desire this opportunity. Lastly, college is expensive. I would tell myself to keep my grades high and to begin looking into scholarships as soon as possible. Even though there is only a year until college, begin to save money, too. If I could go back to speak to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself as much as I could to help prepare myself.


Knowing what i know now about the college life ... i became alot more organized and also becoming smart with different ways to help me study . I have a job at a jewelery store makes me know whats really important and keeps me out of trouble and focused only on my school work and making money to go to school


As a high school senior, knowing what I know about two colleges in different area of the country and making the transitions, I would give advice to myself is to study and prepare better in my classwork studies. I would have dedicated most of my time to getting better grades and focusing on the more important things that schooling had to offer. Be more of a student leader and a role model for all underclassmen and not a focal point or center of attention type of person. I am a much better college student than high school senior. I was immature and irresponsible.


When you are in school you live in safe and comfortable enviornment, but once you enter into college,life takes a complete 360 degree turn. Life in school is much more easy and smooth going; furthermore, its hard to survive in outside world. Once you leave school and enter into college, you have to struggle in competitive world. You need to be independent, as no one gonna ask you that did you complete your assignments or homework. When you step into new world,you have to leave your parents,friends, and relatives; moreover, your journey of the new life begins leaving all past memories behind. Though seperation words seems so painful but its necessary if you want to make your future bright. College life makes you independent; inaddition, it also makes you strong to handle all responsiblities on your own. People become more mature when they live alone; however, people might have fantasies about their new life which gets shattered once they step into practical world. To sum up,I would like to say life in college is not that easy-going and fun-loving; moreover, one has to work hard if they want to live luxurious and comfortable life.


If I could go back in time I would have given myself four pieces of advices to follow. The first would have been to not go to a university right after high school and to instead go straight to a community college first. Going to a university first was very stressful and hard to get good grades. After a year in a half of attending a big university I had to transfer to a community college. The second advice I would have given myself is to not move out of my parent’s home until I completely graduated from college. My biggest regret is moving out of my parent home when I was 18 because I wanted my own freedom and space. I struggle to pay my bills and I have to work a full time job which only gives me time to go to college part time. The third advice to myself would have been to attend college full time and to only work a part time job. Lastly I would have told myself to apply for scholarships sooner so that I wouldn’t have to save up money for months to to buy my school materials every semester.


I believe if I had the opportunity to go back and tell myself one thing about the transition, it would be "smile and keep going."


If I could go back in time to talk to my senior self I would offer some advice about college. First, I would tell myself not to stress over filling out too many college applications and to try and be reasonable with the colleges I choose to apply to. Don't apply to some random college across the country. Second, I would tell myself that college is not scary. The students, teachers, and faculty are just normal people. Third, I would tell myself that living away from home gets better, and that I should not consider moving back home. I would say, "Get involved on campus and make friends." Fourth, I would tell myself to stop thinking sororities are bad. They are a great way to network and stay busy. Of course, being in a sorority comes with decisions. You have to balance school, work, and a social life. Lastly, I would tell myself the importance of staying fit so that I can always feel my best, physically and emotionally. Eating right and exercising is a vital part to being the best person that I can be.


I have learned how to work hard and earn the grades that I get. I learned time management and how to balance life and my priorities.


My time here at McNeese has been extremely enjoyable. The teachers are always available to help students on an individual, one-on-one basis; most of the faculty have Ph.D's, at the very least Master's degrees. The campus is beautiful, and the students are very open-minded and friendly. McNeese has already, in a lot of ways, become my home. I've learned so much already in just my first semester, academically and socially. However, I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford my sophomore year here as my parents are unemployed, and I'm working a part-time job to help pay for my own expenses, such as food and clothing. If I was able to get this scholarship, I would make every penny count towards my college education.


I believe that my college experience has taught be to be objective on the issues facing the population today. I came from a small but very opinionated community that forces it's beliefs on everyone in it. This college is so diverse (at least to me it is) in its ethnic population that I have been able to see how people from other cultures truly are. I can assuredly say that I can empathize with nearly everyone I come in contact with.


Within the past couple of months I have come to the conclustion that I love college. The reason for my absoulte love for college is I actually feel like I'm getting something out of my education. I know that one day this is all going to help me succeed in getting the career that I truly desire. Not only that but I have had a lot of fun so far, there are numerous activities always going on where you can meet new people and try new things. I love meeting people and getting a great new experience while I'm doing it. They have numerous clubs and organizations you can join. The best thing is the teachers actually treat you like an adult they help you and actually try and help you through your time hear. It's great to know that people are actually trying to help you out and treating you the way you should be treated. I plan on going to college for four or more years and nothing will stop me from doing that. I hope that each year is as great as this year.


Hi, my name is Austina Smith and I am A high school graduate that is unable to attend school because my guardian will not sign her parental signature on the financial aid form. Have this issue has made me lose hope for my future. I feel that I will never have A chance to be successful because of this matter. I really want to attend school, But this one issue is holding me back. So please take me into consideration of this scholorship. I know I will be highly appreciative of this opportunity. Thank you!


What I have taken from my college experience is a job that I am passionate about. The fact that I am paid to teach children music, to teach them how to play all instruments, to expose them to time periods and composers they may never have been exposed to, and I also get to continue playing myself along with them is wonderful. Having completed my goal to become a music educator would not have happened if it were not for McNeese State. Prior to transferring, I had taken time away from school. I found myself working three jobs to make ends meet and missing the opportunity to play music. I quickly realized that struggling the rest of my life was not a way I wanted to live - but I also knew that I had to find the right environment to re-light that passion for music I once had. McNeese did this for me! Now I am pursuing my masters degree in school counseling so that one day I may also be able to push or inspire a child to move on, to seek a greater lifestyle, or to go for thier dreams!


I have learned a lot from my college experience. I have lerned to apply what ever I learn in the classrooms to mylife experiences and daily activities. I've also learned to think logically and find solutions to problems logically rather than emoionally. College has thought me to be less shy and willing to tke up leadership responsibilities. I have also become more confident in myself.


McNeese has a been a great experience mainly due to the great teachers it employs. They are by far, the most valuable asset the campus has.


Out of my college experience, I have learned to be more independent. I have learned how to more easily meet people and work together. I have learned to be more cautious with my money. I have learned what people can motivate you and what people can hold you back. It is valuable to attend to make new friends, learn everything you can, and you also begin to feel more independent. You are also working towards what you would like to have as your profession, so you become motivated to work as hard as you can.


College has given my sense of direction a whole new road to move along, I am off that uncharted road on the highway to success. Through my stay thus far at McNeese I have learn how to open up and speak for myself and what I believe in, I have overcome many of my fears like talking to authority figures that would have hindered me later in life. With such a personal atmosphere I have really realized just how much I can take my future into my own hands and lead by example. College has helped me to find myself and I could ask for nothing more than that security.


I have learned a lot in just the first year. There is always some activity going on so I'm never short of making new friends. As a member of the band I have traveled and learned more about myself and music in general. Overall, I can't think of a place that could fit me more perfectly.


I have learned that with freedom comes responsibility. I feel that I have grown in that area . I also have learned that one must take advantage of the help that my campus offers in almost every subject.


College is a place of independence and a place to find who you really are and what your capable of accomplishing. It is a place to meet new people and learn more bout the social status of others. A person who is more acquainted with a variety of friends become a better person overall. College is good to attend because you learn discipline and responsibilty that one will have to use for their future in the workforce. Just like any other previous learning or education, college is just preparation for future endeavors of one's life. College can be of great experience if you take advantage and use it to your ability. College life is the start of your future life as an adult and for your career.


Assuming time travel finally made an appearance and was sucessful, if I had the opportunity to go back and speak to myself on the night of my high school graduation I would give myself this powerful advice. Amy...College is very serious business. DO NOT underestimate any of your classes or deam the pointless and unworthy of your time. You are paying a pretty penny and every class you take will have a powerful change on bettering your education. In the end, your education and knowledge of the world and what is going on around you will be mind blowing. Go to every class, as well. Skipping out is not a wise choice. Stay focused, stay positive, enjoy it, and you will be amazed with the results.


Even though you are young, and all you want to do is have fun with your friends; think about 20 years from now. Think about having to support yourself and your family. What are your hobbies? Can you turn those hobbies into a career? Go to school for something that you love to do, have compassion for your education; and succeed in the degree you want. College is all about you, it's all about what you want. College is a time to make more friends, have fun, connect to your community, and get your degree. While your in high school, make sure that you work hard for those good grades. Once you apply for college, those good grades will make things a lot easier in acceptances. The biggest advice I can give you is to make sure you think about what you really want to do with your life; what things do you want to do that will make a difference? How much do you care about our world and what are your goals? Everything helps, so make sure you do your part!


If I could give advice to my past senior self, I would advise to not be so hasty to leave home and be independent, but strongly encourage myself to instead attend a local community college as I made a slower transition to independence. Having moved across country straight out of high school, I ended up having major burnout since I was not close enough to have family support. This was a significant interruption to my original goal of independence. To this day I am still attempting to jump that hurdle, as I am having difficulty juggling both school and a job. I want desperately to finish school, but now I feel as if I am cheating my younger brother out of his college opportunity by still asking my parents to help with mine. I would tell my senior self, 'Go to a local school and get your core classes taken care of. Then you will be more prepared to decide about your major and which direction you want to go. Plus, you will also be more prepared for independent life and have opportunities for career fields, not just jobs.'


I would tell myself to study harder and take my classes more seriously. I would also tell myself to not skip classes. I would be sure that I knew how to apply for more scholarships and financial aid because I do not have enough right now. I would be sure to tell myself to get involved in the Baptist Collegiate Ministy as soon as I started college and make good friends who would help me stay accountable and push me to study and make good grades. I would tell myself that even though McNeese was not my first choice, it was a good school and it was where I needed to be.


Life is short. It goes fast. College is important, but so is life and enjoying it. Enjoy these moments in high school. You will never get them back. Relax and stop letting the stress overwhelm you; it will work out in the end. You are smart, brave, and talented. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone. Stop being so afraid, life is not as scary as some make it. You have to take risks. You have to make mistakes. It is a part of life. You learn from these things. Learn this now and not only will transitioning to college be easier, but so will life. That is the advice I would have given myself as a high school senior.


A word of advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to study hard and take college seriously. When I first started college, I was told by many people that you didn't have to go to class to pass and I was told that it was easy adn fun. I should not have listened. It was not even close to easy and fun. My first semester flew by so fast and before I knew it, I was failing four of my five classes. It took me three semesters to bring my grade point average up to keep from flunking. My advice to any high school senior would be to be prepared because it is not as easy as people make it to be.


Do not assume you will know what you will do with the next 10 years of your life. Things change and so do majors,..that is why you take a wide variety of classes as a college freshmen. You are learning what you are and are not good at. God is the only one who plans your life.


College is a different world and it is very difficult to prepare for something in which you know nothing about. If I were able to go back in time and pass wisdom to myself, I would graciously accept the chance. I would go back in time and tell myself to read and study much more. I believe College is not a measurement of how much one knows, but a measurement of how much time one is willing to put into their education. I would go back and tell myself to always be prepared and organized. Classes are very important which provide essential information. Do not miss any classes unless it is a complete emergency. College expenses are very expensive from books to everyday living expenses. I would have saved more money from my part-time job and looked for scholarships in which I would qualify for.. This critical information would have made my freshman year in college less stressful.


I would tell myself to learn as much as possible. Do not complete work just to get by, but complete it to know it because nine times out of ten you will see it again. Do not slack off at anytime. Do not start off by not working as much. Work hard all semester because once you get behind its hard to get back up.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior and know what I know now as a college freshman, I would tell myself to slow down and focus. College is a different world with much more responsibility. I would have focused more on my school work and search for scholarships in which I would qualify for. The cost of living arrangements, books and tuition is very expensive. I would have been more cautious with the money I earned from my part-time job. If I could just go back in time my college experience would not be so hard. Though, I cannot go back in time, I can move forward and do my best to succeed and receive my degree in Mass Communications.


I would definitely tell myself to just go for it. Don't wait until you are 20 years old to go back to school. Its not that bad. Just stay focused on the right things. Don't let yourself get sidetracked by things that don't matter. Be true to yourself and follow what God wants you to do. Don't battle with yourself. You know you need to do it and you want to do it. Be an example and set the bar high. You can do it! Now go out into the world and make a DIFFERENCE!


?Which college should I attend?? is one of the hardest questions a student or parent will ever ask. Ironically, the answer lies in asking more questions. First, the student must inquire of themselves: ?what am I looking for in and from a college?? Would a large or small school be more comfortable, nearer home or farther away, et cetera? Armed with answers; research and choose potential schools, and interview both current and past students. What is/was their experience? Do/did they enjoy attending? The student can speak to current freshmen and sophomores, sharing the same concerns about life on campus, social life, how hard classes are and so on. Parents may want to speak to non-traditional students and seniors about issues such as how good the professors and facilities are, and how much support the school offers towards finding a job. Such questions can help to narrow the choices and find ?the right school?. In order to get the most from the college experience, the answer is simple. Do everything you can. Live, try, explore, think, question, participate, meet, discover and learn. Use this time to grow into the person you are and the one you will become.


Make sure your child stays at school is focused. As long as your focused anything can happen.


I would advise students who live in the same town as a college to move away. I grew up in Lake Charles so my college decision was easy. But, I sometimes feel like I am missing out on some of the basic college experiences. I had an opportunity to live in the dorms but stayed in my parents' house for comfort. If I was in a different town, I would be forced to socialize more and get to know different people.


Go wherever your heart leads but listen to your parents opinions also.


The advice I would give students and parents about finding the right college is to research. I would tell them to look at all the possible colleges and decide which ones best suite their purposes. Once they have decided on a number of schools, then apply to each one. Set up touring appointments and talk to others who might have attended that college to learn more about the school. Once a decision is made, then attend orientation and be open to all the possibilities that college can bring. Once in college, always attend class. Class is one of the major parts of going to college. It's an oppurtunity to learn and can bring many experiences. Getting involved is another important aspect of college. Joining clubs, auditioning for a play, and joining a fraternity/sorority are very important ways to get involved in on campus activities and making the most out the college experience. In conclusion, college should always be fun. Make the most of every moment, even in class, and make lots of friends because they are the ones that will last a lifetime.


The transition between high school and college is huge and unfortunately, most students and parents are not prepared for it. I remember my senior year, being bombarded with teachers and counselors shoving college applications down my throat because all of the deadlines were December 1st. What a stress maker, students are not even finished with high school and they are already registering for their college classes. One thing that I would highly recommend to anyone is to have a list of colleges you for sure want to attend, at least by the end of your junior year. Then, when scholarship opportunities and applications come up, you will know which ones you need to fill out and not waste time on the ones you do not qualify for. A huge mistake I made was transferring universities. Sure it is great to be home during that first year of college so that you can become adjusted and not too overwhelmed. But transferring completely takes away all of your university money that you could have received as an incoming freshmen. Most colleges only give a transfer scholarship which is not enough for the outrageous expenses. So, choose your college and stick with it!


Parents and students need to work together during the college choosing process as well as start early. Working together and starting early helps to decrease the stress that accumulates late in a student's senior year. If parents work with their student(s) in finding a school then both have input into what each wants and can agree on the one school that fits perfectly. It is also a good idea to have "plan b" and "plan c" schools just in case something unwarrented occurs. As for making the most of the collegfe experience, students should really get involved in campus groups and activities and parents should be willing to let their student go, not checking in on them constantly. Perhaps the parents and students should agree on a certain time two or three times a week to talk on the phone or what not. It's a tough transition for both parent and student, college is, but communicating on what each wants will make the process that much easier.


Make sure it meets their needs




Look at more than one option and become familiar with the financial aid process.


Stary talking to your children about college when they are young. Find out if what they want to do to see if it requires college. Start saving for their college when they are very young so that they have the opportunity to go to a college of their choice. Have your children start researching different colleges for different careers. Let your children know that what you do in school can make a difference as to where they will be accepted.


make sure it offers the degree you want. safety. cost and living


Choose as college based on its ability to supply you with best knowledge in your field. Participate in extra-curricular activities as much as possible. Freshman must find a balance between socializing and studying.


Visit several colleges and choose the one that feels the most comfortable.