McNeese State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Final week!


The most frustrating things about McNeese State University is that the library is being renovated and there is no other quiet place to study. The cafeteria is not flexable on variety of choices to eat. Finally, no one does not participate in social events.


The most frustrating thing about this schoold would have to be the amount of teachers that "dumb down" the class for the students who probably shouldn't be in college int he first place.


At times, all the different departments seem to be very unorganized and not put together. Granted they are useful and helpful departments, you just simply always have to go through several people and departments before finally getting done what you needed to do.


The most frustrating thing at times are the Campus Police. They will stop you eventually for something. It does matter your race or sex. You will get questioned at some point or another. But relax, they just want to make sure you are really a student. Mcneese Police are friendly for the most part, though they do give out the occasionaly parking ticket. They keep the campus safe and take their jobs seriously. Sometimes just a little too seriously.


This school is pulls its population almost exclusively from two different types of students. Most grew up in the same town as the college or surrounding suburbs (like most community colleges), and there is also a huge percentage of Chinese undergrads and Indian masters students. The result is that everyone here either a) already has plenty of friends from their local high school and is uninterested and unmotivated to make new friends or b) they are foreign students who only associate with people from their country. If you're from out of state, forget it. Nobody cares about you.


Parking situation, lack of events


some courses which don't even help with the major are required to be taken. The degree plans have been lengthened with lots of extra classes that don't even help with the profession. Also the book store keeps on changing it's texts every semester it's rediculous. And the prices are way too high, not only for the books but even for simple little things like pencils.


How messy and rumors people are full of.


People are not so friendly and Financial problems.