McNeese State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about McNeese State University is the nursing program and the recently built parking garage.


My school is filled with professors and staff who truely care about our benefit.


The great louisiana culture we have . our mascot is a cowboy so that falls in well with the zydeco and cajun/creole heritage out here.. And our well organized teachers make school alot easier on us


I like the fact that my school is a small campus and if you are involved than you know almost everyone.


McNeese State University is one of the best schools in Lake Charles. Many people discredit it next so Louisiana State University or Tulane, but I'm very glad I've been able to attend McNeese. Here, the teachers really care about their students. They'll sit down with individual students and use any available free time in order to help them -- they go the extra mile. This applies to all administrators as well, whether it be employees in the housing department or the financial aid. They make it personal.


The size and diversity of the student body. There is something to learn from the students as well as the teachers.


The best thing is the small classes because you can get extra help if you need. Classes arent too big where you are just somebody in the class.


Football games,..I love MSU football.


School spirit and friends are the best thing about this school.


not too large to get one on one time


its small so everyone knows everyone


It is very sports favored