MCPHS University Top Questions

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Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences was the only school that I considered that offers only majors in health professions. This unique quality allows students that are sure of their future in health care to focus solely on courses that will help enable them to learn and grow in order to become future health care professionals, with courses that revolve around science and medicine.


MCPHS has high expectations and a lot to offer students that are serious about furthering their education. If you slack off, it will really affect your grade.


This particular school has accelerated programs.


My school feels more like a hospital rather than a college. Because it is mjostly a graduate school my school is very intimate and not very big.


My school is one building while other school has many different buildings. My school is more cozy than other colleges i know.


The only pharmacy school where you don'thave to reapply for the professional years.


The school is only for medical professions. If you're looking for a wide variety of students, MCPHS is not for you. It's also not actually a campus, but just one large building essentially. If you live in a dorm you never have to go outside.


My school was the only one that I applied to that was strictly a health science school. It also has a three year excelerated BSN program.


In the 5th and 6th years of pharmacy school, students are allowed to experience and work in different types of clinical rotations. Also, this was the ONLY school out of 7 that automatically accepted students into the professional pharmacy program (if all the requirements are met). You don't have to re-apply.


We have a very diverse community. It is also a very small campus in the city. Most students live off campus because our school does not have a lot of housing, where at other schools most students live on campus in school sponsored housing.


All the students here are in related fields which puts everyone on an equal playing field.