MCPHS University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are extremely hard working, dedicated, and motivated individuals.


The people in my class come from all different walks of life, but they're all friendly and mature.


Some are very helpful and some just stay to themselves.


My classmates are for the most part mostly female. Unless you lived in Fennel it was hard to meet people especially if you are shy. It's a small school so the people that you do know will know other people in their classes but be careful because word travels fast.


My classmates are very ambitious and hardworking.


Some of the students are very serious about their studies, whereas many are here because Boston has the reputation of being a bit of a college/party town.


My classmates are hard working, career based, and since we go to a medical school they want to help people.


They're relaxed, and pretty much everyone has the same goal.


well since the school is really small, you can't really meet new people everyday but see the same people all the time. (which can get old after a while) basically everyone is focused on studying but there are cool people as well. and you can't find any social life on campus, you have to go off campus for that since the school is very cutthroat on the no alcohol on campus policy.


Nerdy, STRESSED, preoccupied, work-a-holics


My classmates are smart and friendly but are often set on their ideas without oppenness to proper discussion.