MCPHS University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is that the school does not have much to offer in terms of extracurricular clubs and activities. There is very little school spirit around campus, since the school does not have its own sports team. However, a few intramural sports are offered within several of the surrounding colleges. The student population is relatively small: about 3,000 undergraduate students. Because of its small size and high percentage of commuter students, there is not much to do around campus.


Very small school with a very small library and limited study space which makes studying in school a very difficult task.


The worst thing about the school would be the lack of fun opportunities for commuting students. Most of the activities held at the school are at night, 6PM or later, when a lot of the commuters are home or heading home.


There are few liberal arts choices.


The school has VERY little housing for students. Only freshmen are guaranteed housing, the rest of the students have to commute (with the exception of about 30 sophomores). I feel as though I'm wasting a lot of my time when I commute 45 minutes each way. I think allowing more on-campus housing would make things less stressful.