MCPHS University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, I hadn't really thought about being a professional just yet. However, although right out of high school, the expectations of the students are set at a very high standard to ensure that we are all serious students and truly want to enter the health field. That being said, I appreciate the expectations, as I feel as though they have forced me to become more mature and independent.


Before I attended MCPHS University, I wish I knew how competetive the college classes were. The competetive nature of the classes pushes me to study hard and put in the most effort I can do get good grades and stand out from the rest of the 300 person class. Competition within the school comes with the nature of the health care field. Overall, not knowing how competetive the classes were before I got to college has not been a pitfall.


I attended Worcester campus. This campus houses grad and second degree students, everyone is an adult. So there's no true college spirit. Everyone is busy studying. Nursing program, though prepares high quality graduates, is very demanding, and do not expect respect from your professors. They treat you like a fifth-grader.


Before I came to the school, I wish that I had known how hard the classes were going to be. It would have been nice to have been able to sit in on a class or have a student actually tell me how much their work load was.


I wish I had known that my college does not provide the "college experience" everyone seems to long for. Most freshmen go into college yearning for "freedom" from the mundane life of his/her hometown. Surprisingly, this school mainly focused on academic excellence. It didn't put sporting events, sororities, and fraternities like most other colleges on the top of the priority list. Massachussetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is not a school to come to have fun, instead it's to earn a professional college degree.


I wish I had known that I would have absolutely no social life when attending this school. This college is highly demanding academically and it is not easy to maintain a high GPA. Also, I wish I had known that the material taught is very difficult to understand. College experience here is like none other, however, I would not trade it for anything. I am quite determined to take this path to my desired career choice.


How unorganized the school's administration is, and how bias they are between each academic programs.


I wish I had know how serious all of the students were about their school work. There is not much fun that goes on on this campus compared to the surrounding schools and considering that it is in a city where there are many things going on.