Medaille College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are productive and nice. They care about their peers and their well-being.


My classmates would be diverse with a good sense of what they want out of life.


A number of students are shipped in from the inner cities across the state and aren't that serious about learning. Then there are many others who come off as very stuck up and egotistical. Basically, the people you meet here are either the nicest people in the world or the biggest jerks. The athletes are practically worshiped here, and if you're not part of their clique, forget about people liking you. Most students commute so they are more worried about parking spots and their cars than the school itself. There is very much an unwarranted sense of self-importance amongst the student body here, and it's very sad to watch.


They are fun, energetic people who remind me of myself


I have come very fond of my fellow classmates and learned a lot about them, whether it be through sports or the classes we have taken together they are a fun and enthusiastic crowd to be around which always helps lighten up the classroom atmosphere.


They aren't the same students i've seen my whole life, from Pre-k to 12.


My classmates are serious about their schooling and workload.


My classmates are very supportive and i love the fact that they a ll like to work together as one. This is something that will allow us to interact with one another and hopefully help us in the future.


My classmates are outgoing, friendly and helpful.