Medaille College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Medaille College?


The biology and veterinary technolog department at Medaille are very well organized and planned out for all students. The classes are rigorous, yet doable and everyone learns a tremendous amount of useable material that can only benefit them in graduate school or in their career. The professors really do their best to get to know each individual student in order to help them out in the best ways that they can. Every student will will have several hands on experience and opportunities, especially in the veterinary technology department both on campus and through their mandatory internships at off campus facilities.


What I usually brag about the most is how we start school the latest, and get out the earliest. We start school September 4, and we get out May 9th. Another thing I brag about is that my school is private, and how we learn more because our class sizes are really small, and we can get the one on one with the professors if we need it. Also, medaille has a lot of money,and if they wanted to they can turn the school into a university, but they want to keep it small.


That I was the class rep.


How awesome the scholarships are because they give almost everyone one and no matter how your doing at Medaille you keep it because that scholarship is based on what you did in high school not at college so they never take it away from you, even if you fail.


It is small. There is only one lecture hall, the rest of the rooms are actually classes. It is the least expensive private, 4-year college around here. We are neighbors to Canisius College and are welcome to use their library when needed. There is only one entrance to the campus to provide safety. Parking at the Buffalo Zoo is provided and a shuttle, or public saftey themselves escort you to and from.


I tell my friends that my school environment is very nice. The teachers help you out when you need it and it's easy to make friends.


how great most of the teachers are and how well they connect with their students


the food and social life