Medaille College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Medaille is not a college that willingly or openly excludes anybody from the institution. However, there may be some people that may feel uncomfortable on campus. Such people would be thsoe who are not very open-minded or are unwilling to be accepting of others different from them as Medaille is a very diverse campus. People of all races, ethnicities, religions, political viewpoints, sexual orientation, and genders are always visible on campus and this may make some people feel uncomfortable. Also people who are seeking a liberal arts degree might be better suited for a community college due to finances.


You should attend this college if you want to major in Veternairy Technology


The type that shouldn't attend this school are people that need to meet and see new people everyday. The type of people that wouldnt like Medaille College need more out of a school, people,space, choices.