Medaille College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The opportunity that Medaille offers is the best quality; it has instructors with field experience and a lot of interns and hands-on opportunities. When you’re in a major Medaille allows you to understand the importance of your career choice and helps guide you in the right direction.


It's a small school with small classes. I find it better to learn in small classes. You get to know the teacher and students a lot better. In a small class where I know everyone I am not afraid to ask questions.


The best thing about Medaille College is the Veterinary Technology program that I am enrolled in. The program is filled with deciated teachers and a well developed hands on experience. The veterinary technology provides a solid backround for your boards and allows for continuing education classes to keep bettering yourself. The program allows for the professors to gain a proffesional relationship for each and every student. The hands on experience of working with animals is essential for the field and being able to do that the first week of class is one that is very rewarding.


Small student to teacher ratio.


the community feeling shared among students. we all support eachother, especially the athletes. students are always being recognized and attending games for other sports. Athletes supporting Athletes.