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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Leaning comes first any other thing can wait. This is so true for me because i have 3 kids and going back to school is not easy. Wish i would have concentrate on schooling first. Thanks


The first thing I would have told myself would have been to take AP classes. This would have saved me some time taking general education classes, which would haved saved me alot of money as well. I would have told myself to learn to be better with money because it is hard to balance your school life and you social life if you are not good with money. I would have told myself to take school more seriously, to wait until I had a degree and a good career before I worried about having fun. The fun that I had instead of going to college could not even come close to the fun I could have with a degree and a career that I loved. The last thing I would have told myself is that I could do it, I am smart enough, and that everything would fall into place, and not to look at the cost of attending college but the cost of not attending college.


I would have encouraged myself to do work harder on my school work & try to keep myself more focused on the important things- school, family, & God.


I first would tell myself to enjoy being a kid, i was in such a hurry to grow up and go off to college to be an "adult". When i was 17 in high school i got pregnant, i love my son with all my heart , but obviously being a parent at 18 isnt ideal.I would tell myself to be more responsible with my personal health. I would tell myself to wait to go to college till i felt ready, I went right after high school and ended up dropping out because i was overwhelmed with the responsibility of parenthood, work and school. Most importantly i would tell myself to think for myself and to listen to my heart, because if you are always true to urself you will find your way in the end.