Menlo College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The amount of majors available. Though it is a business school there could still be more business related majors implemented such as information technology management.


The worst and best thing about Melo College is its small size, so it can be viewed either way. It is the best thing because the student to professor ration is 15 to one, but that is also the worst thing ecause you have to be totally prepared for class because you cannot hide it if you are not! Because it is small with about 650 students, you cannot meet a wide variety of people, but conversely, you made friends for life because everyone knows each other.


The cost, it is expensive.


The is nothing that I can think of that is very bad in the school. Everyone is willing to help.


The worst thing I believe about Menlo College is either how expensive it is or the limited major choices.


The worst thing about Menlo College is that it is slowly but surely killing off all of the liberal arts and humanities majors in order to make way for more business oriented majors. The school is going through a transition, and for some, that?s great. For me, however, and many others out there who also love the arts, it doesn?t make you very enthusiastic to know you?re graduating from a school that?s killing your major.


I really must say that I do not feel that there is a worst thing about my college, I love it, I only hope that I can stay there for the whole four year as it is very costly for me.

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