Menlo College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone willing to work hard and get a great education.


Someone who is interested in business. Also someone who is looking for a smaller campus setting. The school was the perfect size for me because I was coming from a small town. It was an easier transition than if I would have gone to a large university.


someone that want more interaction between school and professors because theirs a lot of help here.


The typical Menlo College student is young, goal oriented and athletic. Being an athlete is not necessary, but our athletic department makes up almost 60% of Menlo College's concentration. If a student is interested in graduating quickly and starting a career as soon as he/she graduates, Menlo College is the school to attend. Menlo College is also a tight-knit community, so the student should be looking to make close relationships with his/her fellow classmates,, professors, and staff.


I believe anyone could come to Menlo College. Even though it is small, it is diverse. There are many people from all over the world at Menlo College.


A dedicated person who is willing to work with different styles of teaching. Someone who is a go-getter and someone who is not shy to seek out help or advice. If you enjoy small, personal classrooms, where you are a person and not a number, Menlo is perfect for you. If you choose Menlo, you should not have a fear of public speaking, and if you do, Menlo is the perfect place to work on that fear and over come it.


Any person should attend this school. One of the many great things about it is its size. It is a smaller school, and so the teachers can really get on a personal with the students. So anyone that is looking for a small school that can give them academic attention should attend Menlo College. Plus those that are looking for a major in business should come to Menlo College, it is the foremost college for business in the Bay Area.


Anyone. any person can come here. there isn't a perticular person that should come here. if you are interested in having a business or marketing degree then you all set to go to menlo.

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