Menlo College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The class size. It is not rare to see classes with ten students. Professors get to form a connection with the students.


Menlo College is a great school for individuals who enjoy smaller classes. If you are interested in business or psychology Menlo has great teachers who care about your success and your education. Though this school is way too small, the friends you make here will be friends forever.


The best thing about Menlo College is that the professors and the staff are very open to helping students succeed. There is a lot of help available to students and it is very difficult to fail in a course.


The best thing about Menlo College is that it is a very small school. There is very much particular attention that the faculty and staff can give so it is very easy to find help. I enjoy going to Menlo because the idea of a large school with students in the thousands is a bit overwhelming. I enjoy knowing everyones face and name I have developed strong relationships in the three years I have been here.


I really enjoy the class size, as well as the small population on campus. It allows for more of a relationship between students and their professors, as well as the counselors and so forth. With such a small size it is much more personable, and you feel like you are wanted and appreciated.


Menlo College is a small school, so graduating in 2 years as a transfer student is guaranteed. The classes are small, so the one on one attention given to each student is greater than any other college in the Bay Area. The campus is beautifully landscaped, so waking up every morning to attend class feels like waking up in a resort. I am majoring in accounting, and because Menlo College is a business school, my options are endless in terms of an interniship and potential permanent position.


One of the best things about Menlo College is that it is small. Because the college is small, the classes are small too. This creates a great atmosphere for learning. The professors have more of an opportunity to get to know the students, as also the students have a greater opportunity to get to know their professors.


The best thing about Menlo College is the encouragement the faculty and staff provide in order to succeed in the future and be positive and strong leaders. This is a benefit to the students attending Menlo College because we are being prepared for reality once we step out into the world and have to be productive and influential on our own. The support from the staff and faculty provides a comfort for me in knowing that I am going to be a strong part of the business world and benefit other individuals with the knowledge I am given.


Class sizers are small, teachers love to teach, sports are easy to play and still get good grades. Good downtown Palo Alto if over 21

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