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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to pay a lot more attention in class, study more for tests, join more clubs, try out for more sports and to volunteer more. I would tell myself that there will always be time for hanging out with friends or just relaxing later on but right now and for a little while is crunch time. I would also tell myself to experience new things like trying new types of foods and trying new things. Life is too short to be spent doing the same boring things and not going full heartedly into opportunities that will bring growth and knowledge.


Dear Carli,


The greatest feeling in the world is achieving the impossible, or what you percieve as the impossible. College life is much different than high school, it takes dedication, and dicipline (things that your parents always tried to teach you). Being a college student means making the best choices necessary to achieve a higher education. In college there is no one in the background telling you what you should do next, there is no bell that signals the next class period. Making it to class is the most important thing to do as a college student, it shows dedication to the subject and it is the only way to get the necessary information to successfully complete the course. Its up to you to make it to class and to create ways in which you can retain the information given. Going to college makes all the difference in the world. It may be a difficult task to achieve, but the pay off is well worth it. Now that I have attended college I am qualified for a much larger range of jobs paying top dollar. Most positions today require a degree, College is necessary for the future, so don't give up.


College is nothing to what I expected it to be, I expected it to be uninteresting, difficult, and boring. In reality my college freshman year has turned out to be totally fun and exciting. If I could go back to my high school senior year, I would have told myself to let loose and have fun, but also to keep in mind my goals and my dreams. I would also tell myself to not dread going to college and accept that I can succeed in life. Now I know that college life is better than high school life, and that classes are fun and the teachers are nice, not the opposite like many people had mentioned. I would also tell myself to try my hardest in the last couple months I had left of high school and to prepare myself for the future ahead of me. These pieces of advice are not the hardest things to do, but they are what I feel inside, in my heart and in my soul. College is the best experience I have ever been through.


Life happens and anything can go right or wrong just in an intsant. Don't worry about option A if you know that you have option B,C,D. Ask for help, you need it and stop pretending to be smart. You'll just confuse yourself of what you do know from the things you don't. Learn to be independent from your family and start to pinch your pennies. Cause if you can do that you will know how to manage yourself alright.


I would tell myself that I should start to apply for college and scholarships. I would also tell myself to take the classes that i need so i can look for it in college and not take classes with friends just because you feel more comfortable around them and think that you can get away with your senior year just because they are in your calss. Another way is to tell myself not to choose the easy classes just because the are an easy "A" and not worry about the major classes.


Hello, first of all i want to tell you that it is ok to be undecided about what major you will dedicate yourself to, take it easy, focus and always do your best. Secondly take the time to apply to scholarships and save as much money as you can, especially for books. I want you to always keep an open mind about what you want to do in your life, dont let others tell you or influence you too deeply on what you should do. Learn to take counselors advice and dont be scared to ask questions. Finally what i want to tell you is to never give up, what you put into your education and school is what you will get out of it so always give it your 100%.


I would tell myself to get a grip on my future, and to put in to get a job and get control of my finances. I would tell myself to apply for the UC Merced campus or CSU Sacramento campus, instead of going to community college. A lot has happened to my since high school, and I didn't do so well my first couple years in community college just because of poor decisions. I have now moved to Merced from Sacramento and have not completed any classes at the community college - I find myself in a horrible financial position and am going to do everything I can to fix the situation. If I could go back in time, I definetly would! I handled finances horribly and still don't have a job in a tough job market - especially in Merced, CA. I really wish I hadn't done this stuff, and would love to be able to do it all over again!


Probably the only advice I'd go back and give myself if I could would be to talk to the college BEFORE starting the semester. I'd tell myself to talk to a counselor about my educational goals and how to go about getting where I need to be. Having that extra help can make the entire college process much easier, and better in the long run.


I would tell myself to prepare more, and get better study habits. I would also tell myself to take a college class while I am in my senior year.


If I could trace back time and talk myself into collecting informations about college life, I would advice myself to enroll in K-12 progam where high school student gets opportunity to take some college course that would help me making a step closer to accomplishing my goals in education. Such as getting my AA degree in General education, transfering to University of Pacific and becoming a pharmacy tech. Because back then, during my high school years, I was nevered told that such program existed. Now I, myself motivate my siblings too into taking the opportunity to advance in their education.

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