Mercer University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I believe Mercer University is a fine institution that upholds its expectations for providing a high level of education and providing its students with many opportunities to have a better future while managing to have a relaxing but learning environment.


Mercer is a beautiful school with very good class sizes and great education opportunities.


The campus itself is not really big, but there are a lot of places that you can go around the city that are not too far away. This makes it much more convenient for students who can ride the local trolleys and buses and save the money that would otherwise be used on their cars.


An expensive private university that delevers on its academics


This is a great and challenging school, but it also very expensive.


Mercer is a campus with high student involvement in a variety of different activitities, where you will be challenged to do your best academically, in your community involvment, and your impact on the world.


Very Diverse and a great comminity.


On the surface Mercer University appears to be a very old school, but the school is a nice place with so many teachers willing to help students succeed.


My school is great for returning students. Mercer Univerisity offers classes at night and during the weekend for people who work full time and have families at home.


Mercer is very intergetic, inviting, and helpful to all students.


Mercer Univeristy is a beautiful university that takes pride in their students achievements and is always encouraging their students to do their best by working very hard.


Mercer University is a strong academic campus, encouraging students to engage deeply and carefully in their studies; professors are very accessible and willing to help students achieve their goals; there are some activities on-campus, but it is often described as a "suitcase" campus; it is a dry campus; the surrounding part of town is somewhat suspect, so campus safety, although generally good, is occasionally unnerving; finally, majority of students, faculty, and staff are very friendly.


Mercer University is like a small city within Macon and as long as you have friends you are capable of success here.


A very diverse, loving and caring school.


This school is frustrating, financially difficult, academically challenging, and they rope first year students in with promises that are significantly changed for the second year making life much more difficult.


A great place to learn and a fun environment.


A great education school, but don't expect to have some crazy experiences unless you meet the few (and I mean few, like 10) people on campus that are ridiculously awesome, there is a basketball team that brings out about 100 students of the 5,000 to the games, and that is the most students together you will see together until graduation, there are cockroaches/rats, and there is a river by the school that a factory spills their waste in, making it smell like a dead animal, o and theres a random guy that dresses up as a gorrila.


It's a modern reniaisance college.


A small-school environment with a wide range of degrees available; very beautiful campus in a historic Southern city; high-quality and challenging courses with a number of very good professors.


The challenging school work is worth the amazing people that you will meet.


Mercer University is small enough to say hi to people as they pass by, but big enough to not know everyone.


Small, welcoming, open-minded and focused on academics.


Mercer is pretty insular, and though the faculty and staff (and mission statement) are pretty liberal, the student body is largely oh-so-conservative and strongly Baptist.


Mercer is a quaint and relaxed school where I can get the education I need to succeed in the future.


Mercer University is totally worth the money you're going to spend!!!


Mecer University is very expensive and cheap with its financial aid.

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