Mercer University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Mercer is known for challenging students in a wide variety of fields. The school offers rigorous courses in areas across the board of liberal arts, as well as in the newly revamped schools of engineering and medicine. There is a strong emphasis on preparing for real world occupations in your field of study, and Mercer takes serious steps to fully prepare its student using challenging courses and oppourtunities for internships, fieldwork, and student research.


My school is best known for its medical school.


Small private school, known for education, proximity to macon, great faculty, small campus, interconnected student body. Awesome athletics, host the Atlantic Sun Conference


Its liberal arts school and rigorous academic curriculm


My school is best known for the D-1 basketball team. We play in the NCAA, but bearly compete with the opponents.


Mercer University is best known for their pre-professional programs such as pharmacy, medicine, engineering, business, and music. They offer a variety of courses to not only prepare you for your field of study but to also become well rounded in all areas. The pre-pharmacy program has a guaranteed admissions programs that allows the student to attend Mercer's pharmacy school in Atlanta, Georgia. The engineering program is one of the top engineering programs inthe nation. These professional tracts allow the student to explore that field and prepare them for the next step after college.


We are known for our academic programs and our basketball team.


Mercer is best known for its medical programs and schools. They are also known for business school and law school.


Mercer University is best known for the Medical School, School of Pharmacy, Law School, and the School of Nursing. In Macon, Mercer Univeristy is best known for its contribution to the community and the facilities on campus in Macon.


Our school is best known for its pretty campus, and for being a more popular private school.


Mercer is highly known for the number of graduates in Engineering, Medicine, Law, and other high-quality academic environments. Academic achievement is the schools' number one export. My incoming freshman class boasted the third highest number of valedictorians/salutatorians in the state.


The public split between Mercer and the Georgia Baptist Convention.


Mercer University is known for having a good business school and as the only private school in georgia that has engineering.

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