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Merceris a private university and also has a smaller campus.


Mercer University is unique in the way that it presents itself. It is a fairly large campus with a small campus feel. The students are very friendly and helpful and will do their best to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The professors and staff really care about how you are doing in college and ask about your progress. We are a community of bears that truly care about each other and strive to help each other do the best we can.


Mercer is unique compared to other schools I considered because it was the only southern school I looked at/applied to. Being from Massachusetts I mainly looked at schools in New England. Mercer appealed to me, however, because of their generous merit-based scholarships and because of the small, yet influential, campus. Mercer has a lot of involvement in the community and promotes awareness of multiple issues facing society.


The school has a very intimate setting. It's not too small, but not very big either. Their are extra curricular activities that students can get involved in, to feel more included with the university family.


They make allowances for the working adult.


Very diverse group of students.


I attend the Atlanta campus of Mercer University. It is a very small school in a very large city. The professors all know you by name and genuinely care about your success. Coming from a larger university, I was amazed at how personal the professors are with their students. It is a fantastic place for academic success.


Size. It's a smaller campus, but there is really a diverse population for the size.


What makes Mercer so unique is that they have a very smooth transition for transfer students. They consider ALL of your transfer credits compared to other colleges and universites I considered. I also like how Mercer have many co-op and internship opportunites for my major which is Information Science and Technology.


This school was tiny compared to most other schools I wanted. But i love it's size. I think the way Mercer is set up is the reason all students are given so many oppertunities that I don't think we could have gotten at a large school


Small classes, personalized attention, division one sports.


Focus is on communication. Want to see the students who try do well.


Pretty independent and liberal for a Baptist school. Has a recent history of standing up against discrimmination.

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