Mercer University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always go on and on about how friendly everyone is at Mercer. Mercer is full and cheerful and friendly people, and making friends here will not be a problem for anyone. Also, Mercer has a great teacher to student ratio. Our professors give each and every student equal opportunity to learn and interact in class. My professors actually knows my name! At Mercer, I am more than just a number. Our professors genuinely care about their students and are always available when you need them. Who wouldn't want to attend a University like this?


We have a small campus so it is easy to make friends, and you can always find someone you know no matter where you are. Also, we pride ourselves on having a persoonal connection with our professors. We have one on one conversations wiht our professors about grades, but also about social problems or just friendly conversation. It is common for students to go to their professors' houses for dinner because the professor likes to bond with the students, and they want the students to bond as a class.


The engineering program here is amazing. There are many ways to excell in the program. The campus itself if beautiful, you can walk everywhere you need to go, the weather is pretty great here as well.


I brag about the academic excellence. Mercer professors teach the "whole" student. In biology, you learn of course the material necessary to the course but the course, just like all courses at Mercer, will teach other aspects not pertaining to the course. To go to Mercer is to know you will get an excellent, above average education. The campus is also beautiful and homey.


I have lots of friendships that I cherish. Everyone knows everybody.


That the experience here at Mercer University has been better than I ever expected and that I wouldn't trade it for the world. They give so much help financially and academically that its hard to fail. Personally, I feel that most colleges dont put in the effort that Mercer does when it comes to being involved with their students; Mercer provides each student with a peer advisor, a teacher advisor, tutor availability everyday in their academic resource center, teacher office hours with a tutor for that teacher in every class. How can you beat that?


I'll tell them that it's a great school and it's easy to make a bunch of friends. Also, the school will put your skills and knowledge to the test in the classes, but have plenty of resources to help you out in the journey. There's a bunch of fun events and activities that take place in the school.


Mercer is large enough that you will not feel trapped in a small box, but it is small enough that, even in the largest lecture class, your professor will know your name. Also, all the professors here will post office hours and do anything they can to help you succeed.


I talk about the coursework we did during class.


I mostly brag about the small class sizes and the free t-shirts and other things we get all the time.


How beautiful the campus is, how great my degree program is, how amazing the people are, how our Baksetball team is awesome . . . the list goes on and on. I love Mercer and wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything. I wish everyone could come to Mercer just to have the experience I have. It hasn't all been easy or the most pleasent but I have learned so much by being a Mercerian.


The aspect of my school I brag about most to my friends would be the quality of the professors at the school. Mercer's professors obviously take their jobs very seriously and will do anything they can to make sure their student's succeed.


Soccer and going out


The professors and classes are exceptional and absolutely fantastic. The political science department at Mercer is easily better than any other university in the South.


The small class sizes and availability of the professors.


I brag about the fact that my school is perfect for me. It offers everything I will need in order to be a successful doctor in the future. I believe I will have every tool that I will need so that I can give back and help those that need it, just as people have helped me.


It is great, and accommidating for students that are not freshly out of high school. In fact most of the students at this university(which rank highly popular in GA.) are students ranging in age of 35 and older. There are weekend classes as well. Most professors are highly professional, and willing to work with you until you understand what is important. You will work hard, but you will feel the rewarding experience of this accomplishment.

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