Mercer University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of tuition. The quality of education and the life on campus is outstanding, however, the cost of going to my school often undermines the good things about Mercer University. The high cost of tuition is also very stressful, especially on students that don't have the finance to cover it


The surrounding area. There isn't much to do around town. Sure there are a couple of bars and clubs downtown, but only if someone is promoting or a frat is having a party down there is it something worth going to.




The cafeteria food is awful, but I pay almost $3000 a year for my meal plan.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the selection of food, but it still is good.


The worst thing about my school is the area sometimes floods when there is a tremedous amount of rainfall, and trying to pay tuition in order to remain in school.


The price of tuition and the financial aid available for the school is outrageous.


The only major complaint i have is about the food. It's terrible. Im sure its healthy and nutricious but it tasts horrible. I definately think the food should and could be better.


The worst thing about my school is that they don't offer a lot of scholarships. You mainly get loans. I am working on my certification in education, concurrently while working as full-time teacher in a high -need inner city school and I am having to get loans. My job is more stressful than alot of educators because I deal with students that from a low economic background who need a lot of love, support and motivation. Moreover, I think that there should be more scholarships for teachers working on certification and not just those getting their educational degree.


The cost of the education is too much because the school doesn't offer that much more than other state schools that are much more affordable


The worst thing about Mercer University is the fact that tuition goes up every year. During my freshman year, my cost of attendance was 31,000 to 32,000 dollars. Now my cost of attendance is 41, 060 dollars.


I do not consider anything the worst thing about my school.


The cost. It's a very expensive school and this may cause stress for students coming from more poor backgrounds.


The Worst thing about Mercer is the cost. Private school is expensive and I have scholarships from many places but still find it hard to pay for everything. Mercer does a good job about helping students who struggle financiially and there are several places to find funding outside of Mercer financial aid.


The food in not amazing and the tution is high.


Most of the kids come from sheltered, conservative backgrounds and are very judgmental and engage in excessive gossip. Also, I dislike our library's hours. Tarver only stays open until midnight and is closed the majority of the weeked.


Mercer has a handfull of problems relating to their internet and online services. Some of their online student applications do not work as well as they should. Most of the programs are new, but when students use them, there is a distinct feeling that they were pushed out the door prematurely. This is, no doubt, a result of Mercer's never-ending drive to be on the cutting edge. There is a very small number of wireless internet hotspots on campus, which doesn't even include the library.


The worse thing about Mercer would have to be the location, downtown Macon, Ga. It's not the greatest location but the Mercer Police do their best. It doesn't really bother me except that I know some people who have been harassed/ attacked by Macon residents. I think as long as you use common sense and stick to groups there's nothing to worry about.


Everyone seems to go home on the weekend and there has been very little school spirit even for sporting events


The worst thing about my school is that it does not have a football team. Football is a sport that I like to watch, and without it I feel as though I am missing something in my life. I just go home and watch my high school team play.


Financial aid and sororities and fraternities is the problem. This is because the sororities and fraternities tend to build a sense of segregation among the students. Although they are told to support each other, there is also a sense of hatred among the groups. This is normal among many schools, but the issue is they cause a lot of controversy, not allowing one another to spend time with who they want. Financial aid is given to new freshman. Several people lose their scholarships their freshman year. I believe that these lost schlarships should be given to other students.

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