Mercer University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who craves a relationship with friends, professors, the community surrounding the school, and so much more. Anyone can come to Mercer, but you have to be willing to fall into the culture of it and make it your own.


Someone that enjoys small class sizes, and is not looking for crazy parties. We party here with the fraternities and we also go downtown, but it isn't like at the large universities. You have to be willing to work because the classes here are harder, but its worth it.


A person who wish to step-up his/her position in life. Someone who know what it would take to complete the race to employability and success.


The working adult that really wants to better their life.


In order to attend this school, one should be a self-starter, not afraid to ask questions, and not afraid to take out loans for tuition and living expenses. Mercer is very expensive but the difference in the professors is 100% worth it!


Someone who is career driven, wants to succeed and loves a positive environment to work hard, and play hard.


Someone who wants a personalized education and interaction with professors and who doesn't want to be viewed as a number by the administration should attend. The majority of classes have no more than 30 students, professors are helpful and very accomodating. Anyone who really wants to get involved with extracurricular activities and leadership positions should also apply. Over 90% of students receive financial aid and on campus housing is spacious and very affordable. If you want to expand your educational opportunities and be challenged, Mercer University is the school for you!


People who are open-minded, like small classes and love discussions should attend this school. People who also enjoy sports, but aren't not very good will also love this school because of the great intermural program.


A determined, motivated and hard-working student should attend this school. Don't come if you want a great social and city life; Macon is okay but not huge. Come if you want the intimacy and support of small class sizes and a low student-to-faculty ratio, and if you want friends that will encourage you and help you with classes as well as enjoy social activities with you.


Someone who is very focused and wants small class sizes. Someone who isn't that interested in having a big social life.


Those who want to be exposed to new ideas and be challenged about who they are.


A person that is interested in a Liberal Arts, Medicine, Enginnering or Business school.


Any person that can, should. Just make sure that financial aid is in place because as i said above it's very expensive.


One who is interested in improving themselves and those around them. Those who like a college where acedmic acheivement is encoruaged and the student is focused on excelling in any field of study including medicine, leagal, engeneering, business eduation and the arts.


Someone who is ready for an academic challenge and wants to be moderately to very involved on campus should attend Mercer.


Someone who likes smaller classes, someone who likes Greek life.


A person who is dedicated to their goals and their purpose in the world. One who has a drive for making a difference. One who wants to find out about themselves through their studies and their interaction with others. One who has a sense of curiousity.


One who is comfortable in a pretty small environment. It isn't that small, but small enough that your teachers and classmates will know you by name. You will have to participate in classes and find your own voice because there aren't so many people in the class that you can just sit in the background.


Someone who knows what career path they want to take in life, who loves to be academically challenged, and who does not want to go to a schoolt that is nether small nor large.


Someone with some money who is intelligent and outgoing.

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