Mercer University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not have the self drive to achieve and does not have a good work ethic.


Mercer University is a place for people who are ready and willing to do their absolute best and help others reach their full potential as well. When attending Mercer, you need to have the motivation to go to class and do your best - and to walk up and down hills. You also need to have the drive and ambition to reach your goal and graduate with your degree. Last but certainly not least, you need compassion for others. In other words, if you do not have motivation, compassion, and the drive and ambition, you really should conisder a different university.


One quality that could make it hard to attend Mercer would be a certain lack of independence and conviction. This is a demanding school - success in this environment requires personal conviction and direction. Mercer offers a support system of advisors and academic resources, and the students are quick to rally around each other. The materials to thrive are there, but you have to take the initiative to use them!


Someone that should not attend Mercer is someone who is lazy and does not like to work hard for their grades.


Anyone who supports no work ethic should stray away from this school. Many of the professors expect a lot of work, so it is not for anyone without the time to dedicate to classes. If someone plans to plagiarize, then they can expect to be expelled. Mercer is a dry campus. No alcohol is permitted. This is not a party college for the student who just wants to spend their college career getting wasted and partying.


People who aren't studious shouldn't attend this school because they will fail, and those who want to focus only on parties and social life shouldn't attend.


Someone who does not have the drive and patience to endure tough but accelerating academics should not attend Mercer. I personally think anyone has the potential to attend Mercer but to say it will be a breeze is a huge understatement.


I would not recommend Mercer UNiversity to a student that is not well grounded and disciplined. There are a lot of evetns going on through the week and even during finals so the student needs to know how to put work first and be an efeective time manager.


If you are not willing to work, then I wouldn't suggest Mercer University for you. You don't have to be the smartest person in the world to attend this school, but you must be focused on your work. If your family doesn't have alot of money then you I would highly suggest finding other resoursces prior to attending Mercer University.


A person who needs to be surrounded by many people should not attend Mercer. Our campus is fairly small and close. The classes are small and it is likely to have classmates in multiple classes with you. If one needs the constant bustle of a large school, Mercer is not for them.


Mercer University is located in Macon, Georgia; a historical Southern town. The school is Baptist-affiliated and is very conservative. For this reason is why people that do not fit "social-norms" should not attend this school. It is a very good school and by all means if you are very smart you should come to this school, but in my opinion the trouble that you are faced with here by not following conservative views definitely makes the process of getting a great education harder to enjoy.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard and play hard should look for another college. Mercer will push you to the limit of your academic abilities and will push you to be involved in as many sports, clubs, and activities as possible.


The school has a dry campus, and anyone caught drinking pays a fine. So if you need alcohol to have fun on a regular basis, don't attend. Of course, there are others who do drink on campus, take the risk of getting caught, and don't. Also, don't attend if you intend on cheating. Failure of the class and suspension can result.


Someone who is not willing to put forth the effort for the rewarding degree from Mercer University. This college requires a lot out of each and every student, but having Mercer on your diploma is elite!


People who don't want to find out more about themselves and find a direction for their lives.


Someone who wants to actually live off campus. The residential life is NOT willing to work with students, even some with disabilities.


Someone satisfied with doing the level of work that was required of them in high school. If you slack at this university, the classes will eat you alive. If your goal is to go to school because your parents are making you, or simply because it is the next step after high school, Mercer University is not for you.


anyone who can't afford this college and people looking for a bunch of sports scholarships.


A person who is commited to getting a quality education, but doesn't mind the high cost of tuition.


One more concerned with career and learning than with social life.


Anyone who is lazy should avoid this school at all costs. This school is far too expensive to goof off and throw away the prestigious education students receive here.


Someone that loves the activity and night life of a big city. Also people that don't want to be broke afterwords.


Anyone who is not willing to make a change for the better.

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