Mercer University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


the most frustrating about the school for the most part is the tuition of the school which is over 40,000 dollars which in this economy is very taxing.


I would have to say that the most frustrating thing about my school is that the campus is slanted. By that I mean that when it rains in Macon, all the water flows downhill so when you are walking to class or to the dorms, and they is a very heavy rain, you may be flooded! However, since my freshman year, several draining systems have been put in place to help with the problem! Seriously, that is the only problem I have with Mercer! I love this school, the students, professors, and alumni! Go Bears!


Inablity to connect with teachers in a timely manner.


Mercer is a very easy school to become accepted to. I recieved a free application in the mail from the university. I filled it out a sent it in. I was not even required to write an essay. Just because its so easy to get into doesnt mean its easy to stay. Merer is a very difficult school to stay enrolled in. I already know many students who have already withdrawn after only the first semester.


The most frustrating thing about my school is communication between myself and the advisors. I attend school during the evening because I work full-time during the day. Well, it is very hard to get advisement because eventhough the school offers evening courses they did not consider having advisors in the evening to talk to students. I am changing careers. I am a transfer student, and because I have of the miscommunication between advisement and myself I am a semester behind schedule. I got signed up for the wrong classes.


I am frustrated with the organization and bureaucracy of my department.


One is always busy with homework, studying for tests, papers or projects. Also, one really has to work hard and not be lazy because when they do not do their work, they tend to get behind on classes and end up not doing well in the class ,but the most important thing is using their time wisely. College is a lot of fun but it is wise to do your work and not get caught up in the fun, which can be a distraction.


I feel the most frustrating thing about my school is the tuition. Every year the cost to attend rises. I fear by junior year I will not be able to attend Mercer because of this. Right now it is managable but that is only becasue of the many loans I have. I have applied for scholorships, but I have recieved very minimal. If the tuition was more managable, Mercer would be perfect.


The high tuition!!! It's borderline ridiculous!


The course load can be feels as though they think we're an Ivy League school or something, and we're not....Mercer has a well-deserved prestige, but it feels as though that is taken too far sometimes. I think that's the biggest reason why so many students go to the on-campus psychological services.


It seems like nothing is quite good enough sometimes. Many Mercer office workers are incompetent and do not really care about the needs of students. Dining Services staff are also rude and disrespectful to the students.


The most frustating thing would be tuition.


It is expensive!

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