Mercer University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The academics and the friendliness of the professors. Also the willingness to help others from everyone.


I believe the best thing at Mercer University are the students. The students of Mercer University all show a passionand the determination to make their dreams reality and are taking the oppurtunities that are given to them to make those dreams happen.


The best thing about Mercer University is its events. The events here are so exciting. the best event is Bearstock. It allows you to bond with other Mercerians and be one with one another.


The best thing about Mercer University is the small class size. In a smaller enviroment I feel like the professor actually cares more about me individually. I can almost always see my professor outside of class on weekdays. And classes seem to be more discussion based allowing my concerns and opinions to be heard.


Mercer has a talent for turning its students into community service providers, leaders, and great lawyers and medical professionals. While it is expensive, the amazing professors provided show why that expense is so high. The high costs are also decicated to a quality Mercerian education.


the social life and on campus atmosphere


The best thing about my school is that the school is academic rigorous and academically challenging. the campus atmosphere is beautiful and the campus lifestyle is very vast and for a liberal arts college it is very advanced and vast.


The professors and staff! They are amazing! All of my professors go above and beyound to help students out! At Mercer, the professors are your mentors and your friend. Not only will you see them during lecture, but you will see them during games, organization activities, and even at local restaurants! I have been out to eat, to church, and even to DisneyWorld with my professors! Also, the staff is great! If you are on a pre-professional tract, have no fear! Dr. Bokros will be there, advising you every step of the way! Go Bears!


The best thing about Mercer University is the lively campus and endless activities that occurr on campus. They are a tremendous amount of organizations to become apart of in addition to Greek life as well. Homecoming games, iceless ice skating, and bonfires are only a few things that take place on Mercer's campus. Even the academic clubs have fun organizing experiments for the rest of the student body to experience. Everything that takes place on campus brings students together and become like a big Mercer family!


Small classes, stronger student to professor relationship, school is small therefore you know everybody you are not one of the numbers.


Some professors actually care about their students.


The best thing about this school is its setup for optimal learning. Small class sizes, friendly and helpful faculty.. I love it.


The best thing about Mercer is how they encourage students to give back to the community by performing community service in our communities. I not only feel good about helping my community, but I also feel good that I was able to help to make the community and make it a better place.


The focus on being not only intellectually-minded, but also socially-minded, engaging whole-heartedldy and often in the pursuit of making life better for the people in and around Mercer. Every one is really friendly, and you can tell the focus isn't on just getting a degree, but also on doing something good for the rest of the world through doing so.


The best thing about my school is its small atmosphere. It truly gives the students a chance to get to know alot of people and develop close bonds. In other schools, the population is so big you can meet someone on day and never see them again until two weeks later.


Small class sizes, professors' availability, and opportunities to be involved on campus and in the community are Mercer's greatest assets. These are the things I looked for when applying for school.


I think the freedom to explore my options and see exactly where I want to be in life is the best thing about my school. It is an important choice to make because it is a life long decision.


It's small size because you have close personal access to the teachers.


My school is ideal for non-traditional students like myself. although it is expensive in tuition/fees/books. I have truely enjoyed learning at this institute. I am looking for money to help me finish up at this point.


The best thing about Mercer University is its small class sizes and understanding of the professors.


The Mercer campus I attend is a satellite learning center geared toward adult learners. It offers night classes on an 8 week accelerated program. This is the best fit for my situation.

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