Mercy College of Ohio Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I feel like I transitioned well from high school to college. The advice I would give myself would be to know exactly what I wanted to do instead of just throwing myself into a program and then deciding I do not like it.


If I could go back and give myself advice as a high school senior, there are few pointers that I would give myself. First, I would tell myself to follow my dream, no matter what obstacles I would face. Don’t expect college to pass by quickly. It takes hard work, but in the long run it’s worth the effort. I would also tell myself to get out and enjoy the experiences that come with college. The events, sports, and clubs are a great way to meet people and learn more about college life. Lastly, I would encourage myself to seize every opportunity that comes my way. College is a great experience overall and I should feel privileged to have the opportunity to attend.


if given the chance to tell myself what i know today, i would tell myself to listen to mom. As much as she complains about being serious about the furture, in the end she will always be right and love you no matter what. Slow down. Donot grow up as fast as you feel you need to. Be patient and keep your faith in God as much as you do now as you will feel overwhelmed and loose your faith. Do not let other influence you to leave school, make unnessasary spendings, and always no matter what do not give up on your family. In the end family will be the ones who never leave your side no matter what the situation. Be good to JoLynn the little sister as she love you alot and do everything possible to make daddy happy. Of course, love will come and go so do not let heartache make you lose focus. If you love someone set them free, if they dont come back they were never yours. All in all, be safe, be smart, dont lose your faith and you wont lose your way.


If only I could actually go back to high school and give myself words of wisdom.. I would have so much to say. If anything, I would like to go back to freshman year of high school to begin the path to my future. I would be the guidance I always aspired for. I never had a "role model" figure to advise me the importance of a quality education. I feel that has immensely affected my future. I would tell myself to be more involved and pay close attention to each and every class. I would facilitate better decision making not only academically but socially. Assisting the "teenage Tara" in future career decision making would be a priority to me, as during college I have gone back and forth between different fields within health care. In just the 4 years I have been out of high school I have matured and opened my eyes to the important aspects of life; the big picture. Not only have I grown personally, but as well with relationships; most importantly with my family. We can say "if only we could go back" but you learn from your mistakes and you grow as a person.


One thing that I wished I had done in high school was to take academics a lot more seriously than I did. I wish I had studied harder and gotten better grades. I also regret not getting involved in sports or doing any type of volunteering service for the less fortunate. If I had taken advantage of those things I would have been a lot farther in life than I am right now, and I would be a lot more fulfilled and at peace with myself. I think it is so important for young people to give back to the community because you may find yourself in a situation where you may need a helping hand. Giving back to the community helps the population grow, and it improves the overall morale of the environment.


The advice I would give myself would be to always put school work first--above jobs, above significant others, above a social life, etc. I would also tell myself that to really learn the material you have to study hard and understand it, not just memorize it all. I would tell myself to utilize all learning labs and study sessions to the fullest. I would also advise myself to be more open and outgoing with classmates, as they are going through the same things I am and understand how tough it is getting through the courses alone, so as to make friends and have those in the same classes as me to study with.