Mercyhurst University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their academics. Organizations are always coming to recruit.


Merchyhurst University (formerly Mercyhurst College) is known for its quality liberal arts education, especially its forensic and intelligence programs, as well as its commitment to community service and sustainability.


Mercyhurst College is known for it's small, gorgeous campus, outstanding academics, individual attention given in the classroom, and excellent hockey team. The most acclaimed programs on campus would probably be the Dance and Intelligence Studies programs. However, all of the academics are challenging. Also, our on-campus housing is excellent, and, after the freshman year, students live on apartments on campus.


Mercyhurs collegeis best known for its great forensic science program and its intelligence program. They are in the top schools for theses fields of studies. The professoors are still active in their fiels and cotinue to teach as well. Over all the programs all have great professors no matter what your major is.


I know that Mercyhurst College is well known for its Learning Differnece Program. Mercyhurst is also know for some of its academic programs like Art Theary and Archeology. In terms of sports Mercyhurst is known for hockey, espcailly the Women's Hockey team who is Division I and ranked #1 Nationally.


My school is best known for the Intel Department associated with the criminal justice degrees.


My school is best known for some fo the majors it offers, in particlar it's intelligence and dance programs.


Probably our hockey teams.


Intelligence program


Has the most D2 athletic teams at one school.