Mercyhurst University Top Questions

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Mercyhurst's small size and liberal arts atmosphere combine to allow for a very creative and suportive enviroment.


It is a small campus with a vast amount of plants which help to create a relaxed environment.


Has a lot of majors that aren't seen in most other schools such as dance and anthropology


I would choose a different school


I think that what is unique about my school is that it is a smaller campus so everyone pretty much knows everyone and it comes in handy a lot. especially when trying to figure out which professor I should take for any given class.


Mercyhurst is unique because of the small class sizes and the student to professor ratio. I also love Merchurst because it is close to home and has one of the best fashion merchandising programs around. The faculty is helpful and eager to assist students with all their academic situations. Not only does the small campus allow for a better academic environment but you also form better relationships with your fellow students.


It is has an Irish Catholic background and there is a motherhouse behind the school where retired nuns lives. There are alot of nuns and priests wondering around the campus at various times during the day.


It is much smaller, but a little more expensive. There are not many things to do off campus.


It snows...A LOT and everything is spaced pretty close together. it's tight knit college community


The school that I attend is very small and everybody knows everybody for the most part. At the other schools I was considering, it would be very difficult to know who everyone is.


Mercyhurst College is unique because it is a small catholic school. It offers small classes with more opportunity to communicate with teachers/faculty. There are a number of core classes that are required by the college. These classes are a great way to broaden one's knowledge. The classes range from religion, to world cultures, to basic maths and sciences. The students are friendly and easy to get along with.


Mercyhurst is small, and all the academic buildings, dorms, and apartments are extremely close. This is great when walking to class in a blizzard, which happens often. Another pretty unique thing about Mercyhurst is how much emphasis the school places on the arts. A person truly does receive a Liberal Arts education here, and there are quite a few classes that every student must take to graduate, such as Art Appreciation, Philosophy, and Ethics.


The bonding at my school is very unique. The diversity that consists is huge and it is really interesting in making friends from other countries and learning all about their culture and having those people for life long friends. Even the professors are diverse and that helps big when they are teaching about different cultures because you experience it first hand.


the season runs on trimesters which are 10 week terms.


One of only a few schools who will allow participation in varsity athletics while enrolled in a Sportmedicine athlethic training major.