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What are the academics like at Mercyhurst University?


Very good. Number 1 school in the country for intelligence.


Academics here at Mercyhurst could only be described as top class, Mercyhurst offers so many well respected and well known programs that have received both national and international recognition, with departments such as the institute for intelligence and our excellent forensic department to name a few. My favorite class I have taken at Mercyhurst to date is intro to competitive intelligence, the reason I enjoyed this class so much was that it provided me with a realistic insight into what would be doing in my career as a Business Competitive Intelligence major. professors are very welcoming and accommodating across all departments, of course some are more helpful than others but the majority of them are extremely helpful will go above and beyond to help you in any way possible.


The academics are good, like every school there are good professors and bad. Mercyhurst has mostly good. The top majors here are Forensics, Intelligence, Dance, and the Business Dept.


The academics at Mercyhurst are personally something I enjoy. The class sizes are extremely small compared to most colleges. As a graphic design major I receive intimate personal attention for my work which has helped me grow immensely as an artist. People tend to be laid back and not overly competitive but they get their work done, and for the most part, they take pride in their work and do it well.


The academics are great at Mercyhurst. The student-teacher ratio is small so that professors know me on a first name basis. They all make themselves very available to you as a student so that you can ask them questions or get help with anything you might need. My major classes are my favorite classes, but I think I am just bias. The Business School professors are always there for students when you need them the most. Some of the core classes that I have taken as a student haven't been my favorite classes, but I understand why students should take the common core of classes that we do take. It makes students more well rounded human beings so that when we go out into the world in our careers, we can excell in areas other than just our major. Students study a normal amount meaning that they work hard, but still make time to have a social life. It all depends upon the individual with how much each student studies and for what classes they are taking at that time. My most unique class that I have taken is Film Appreciation. We analyzed comedy films starting in the 1930's. I love movies and I love to laugh so it was a wonderful class that I enjoyed going to every week. I feel as though, at least in the Business Department, they want you to succeed in everything that you do. They are more than willing to help you not only with classes, but with life and finding a career. They help you with references, job searching, and are geared towards providing every student with the resources to find a job and a successful future.


Since Mercyhurst is such a small campus with about 3,000 undergrads, professors can establish a good student relationship with various students. It is a liberal arts institution so the common core pushes students to take classes outside of there intended major. Like art appreciation classes, sciences, literature, and languages. This makes all Mercyhurst alum really well-rounded professionals in my opinion.


To me Mercyhurst seems like a larger scale version of High School. The classes are fairly small and the professor will eventually know your name (usually within the first 2 weeks but depends on the professor) The school is very focused on academics and that comes first with everything. People get together and form study groups to study for finals and other tests. I am currently a freshman in my second term here so its hard to talk about how my major is since I haven't really taken my major courses yet. So far If i see a professor outside of class they recognize me and we talk for a minute but its not like we are best pals yet.


The academics at Meryhurst College are top notch. Being a Business student, I can attest to the quality of the Business Department. Professors know students by name and often have one-on-one conversations simply to enjoy each other's company. Class sizes are small which allow interaction with professors. If a student is having trouble in class, the professor's door is open to seek extra help. The courses I have taken, from 101 classes to the more advanced classes, have always provided me with skills I can walk away with and know I can apply these skills outside Mercyhurst College.


At Mercyhurst, students are given a direct one on one style of education. We have relatively small class sizes; the largest I ever had was a class of 35 students. I once had a class with four students in it. My major is Political Science, and this is one of the many departments that prides themselves on getting to know their students. Every term the professors organize a dinner, and students are welcomed to meet and eat with their professors. It's nice to see professors taking extra steps to get to know their students. Many of our majors are very well known like Dance, Archeology, Forensic Science, and Intelligence Studies. We have great facilities that are always open to students to take full advantage of.


Academics are probably the strongest part of the school. I am very happy with my educational experience, and have ever only had 2 "bad" profs. Professors are always there to help you, and willing to meet with you at any time - it's very easy to connect with them. Class participation is required, and because of the size, teachers often take attendance. They know you, care about you, and want you to do well. The common core is unusually large, which gives us a well rounded education in the liberal arts. We are able to take classes not normal to our majors or the typical "math, science, history". These classes include: religion, arts appreciation, social sciences, and philosophy. I'm VERY happy with my educational experience at Mercyhurst - it is certainly giving me a heads up in the world.