Mercyhurst University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Mercyhurst University?


When talking with friends about my time at Mercyhurst University I brag most about my strong realtionships with profesors and mentors on campus. The small classroom size allows for extensive profesor -student interaction.


My major and cheap drink prices at the bars.


I brag most about my dorm. My dorm building is only one year old and is in great condition. The rooms are larger than the rooms at most colleges, and we have air conditioning. Best of all, we have our own bathrooms that we only have to share with one roommate!


I brag about the amount of opportunities Mercyhurst offers its students. Although it is a smaller school, there are a lot of different and interesting majors to choose from, and there are a lot of extra-cirricular activies and clubs to participate in. Mercyhurst is like a small community where I can feel at home and learn things I would not be able to learn at other colleges.


The Division II women's lacrosse team made it to the conference championship and the NCAA semi finals in 2009


My school is located a few miles from Lake Erie, so I always tell me friends about visiting the lake and the beaches.


I brag that job placement if very high and you feel confident and prepared when you graduate.


small classes


The beauty of it. Mercyhurst College takes a lot of pride in its landscaping. From its wonderful entrance gates to its wooden walkway paths, this is what hits you first when you step onto the campus.


I brag most about how few classes I have to take per term. Since Mercyhurst operates under a trimester system, we typically only take between 8 and 12 credits per term instead of the 16 to 18 that students who go to schools with semesters do. Although it's strange, it's also common to brag about the free laundry servieces available on our campus. It's hard to resist when your friends are complaining about how much they spend on laundry a year, or dragging their laundry home every week for their moms to do.