Mercyhurst University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Mercyhurst University?


The kind of person that should attend Mercyhurst College is someone who is looking for a smaller sized school that is close knit with an excellent curriculum. Someone who prefers Tri-mesters instead of semesters. A bonus is that Mercyhurst has an excellent Learning Differences Program if a student needs it. Someone who doesnt mind the snow on its beautiful campus.


Someone who is highly motivated and able to see beyond the obstacles to the light at the end of the tunnel. My school is kind of quirky and has a definite community college feel, so if a person needs the small town feel to go with their first rate education, Mercyhurst is the place to be.


I go to school with many kinds of people. I have never meet a discriminating person, teacher and student alike. Although, most the people here are very outgoing, nice people. It's a small campus, so it resembles a small town, where everyone knows everyone. Community is an important aspect to this campus and all the people on it. During orientation they stressed watching out for each other as if you were family, by the end of my freshman year I did feel like I had an extended family on campus.


conservative, boring, religious, studious,


Anyone looking for differnent and interesting majors.


A person that is hard working as well as goal and success oriented. Someone that wants to make the most of their life and is willing to work hard to put themselves on top.


Someone who doesn't mind the weather should attend this school. Also, athletes are well-liked and are the popular ones.


Intelligent motivated people


Someone with a free mind. A student who is looking for a challage.


Someone who is a team player. They have to be social and expect to make a lot of friends in the time they attend college. They have to be open to meeting new people and putting themselves out there. Someone who enjoys hard work and enjoys to play hard too!