Mercyhurst University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the opprotunities that it presents to its student. There are many oppornitiines for student on campus (jobs, clubs, activities), off campuss ( studying abroad), and for in the furture (carrer development and internships).


Small class sizes.


The best thing about Mercyhurst, is the small class size gaining a lot of individual attention from the professors.


My school is large enough to offer many different programs of study, but small enough to make it comfortable, so you know everyone there. My school believes in community service, arts and strong academics, which makes it a great environment for learning. The campus is beautiful and the community is great. Of all the schools I visited, this is the one that seemed to have something for everyone, as well as a great reputation for excellent professors and programs. It is also a school with values and integrity, and they expect that theie students will also have those qualities.


The small size makes it very easy to get involved, and allows students to form relationships with teachers. Teachers and staff really care about students, and every one waves hello to everyone


My friends. We all have the same feeling towards this school.


Class sizes are small so each student gets to be recognized and is known by a name, not a number and the teachers interact on a personal level with the students


Thebest thing about Mercyhurst College is a tie between its size and location. The size of the school is fairly small as mentioned in the above essay. It makes it easier to speak up in class. The teachers are more accessible, which makes it easier to succeed in classes that one may find difficult. The location of Mercyhurst College is also a great thing because, there are many things to do there. It is not far from home and there is always something to keep you busy.


I believe that the best thing about my school is the career services office because they are very involved in trying to get you on your feet and into the real world when you graduate college.