Meredith College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Meredith College is a school like no other.


My school is accepting and diverse with amazing art programs and teacher's who invest in their students!


it is a very beautiful campus with mostly friendly people.


Meredith college is a small, friendly, and exciting all female college in the middle of Raleigh, North Carolina.


Meredith College has a very small student number to class rooms and it allows the student to become much involved with the subject and can get one on one help from the professor and get right on track to their major with everybody's help; it is a truly amazing community.


Meredith College is a small community that prepares it's students for a strong career in that will last long into the future.


A liberal arts womens college who strives to educated women to excel in a competitive world.


Meredith College is a place where diversity of all kinds seems to dissappear and unity is a priority.


Meredith is a single gendered community where learning really is the most important thing that is taking place and almost everyone equally respects that goal.


Although this school has a lot of bad things about it, it can sometimes be a rewarding campus to be on.


A women's college in North Carolina: a place where you can succeed in a male-dominated field, where a GLBTIQ student can feel safe, where a person can challenge herself, where you don't just make sandwiches, where nobody is bothered if you go to class without jewelry or makeup, where you can try things out, bend the rules, break your inherent perceptions, love someone new, make a new friend, stretch the boundaries, be the best woman, student, individual and leader that you can be.


Meredith College is an esteemed school with a high academic reputation.


Calayst for change. It is very well organized, and the staff is amazing to work with. You wont have to ever worry about someone not being there when you need them in office hours, or class times. The ladies here at meredith college are very good to work with also. There are some that you can call motivaters, some that may not know you well but is there 100% to help out with any class work that you need assistance with. I would refer Meredith College to all of my friends that want a change, and want a challenge.


My school wants their students to be well-rounded, achieve our academic and career goals, and help the environment every day.


Women's college that tends to preach more than it practices.




A great learning environment where teachers focus on the individual needs of their students.


Meredith College is an all womens college so it does not have a diverse group of students because there aren't many very high school girls who would be ok with going to a college without men.


My school is beautiful, diverse, non-judgemental, artistic, well-known in the community, and willing to assist any organization or charity that asks for help. I have good standing in Raleigh whenever I tell people where I attend college and I'm not afraid or ashamed to tell people where I will be graduating from. I'm very proud to wear the onyx class ring for everyone to see where my legacy will be.


It's a perfect place for women wanting to excel and find a good job after she graduates.


My school is academiclly wonderful!


the best school for girls in town! it feels like my home!


Academically hard and welcomes diversity.