Meredith College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I would say my school is best known for the immense opportunities that are found both within and outside of it. You not only will get a great education, but also people know about Meredith. Employers want a Meredith graduate. The women who go there are not just educated by the best, but they are continuously going strong because of what this school offers.


My school is best known for it's business majors, traditions, and community.


Their Education Program


Being an all girls school , and everyone that has graduated from here having a good job .


The interior design program. It's CIDA accredited and one of the best in the southeast region.


It is known for being devoted to women's education. It has the only accredited Interior design program in the Triangle area. They are very concerned about you, the student.


Meredith College is best known for being one of the largest women's colleges in the south and for our school spirit. We always have activities that involve bonding within a class and between the classes. Our college is very closely knit for the most part.


Meredith College is a unique school that is best known for its traditions. There are events throughout the four years of college that every student is able to participate in. These events include Cornhuskin, a night full of skits and dancing, Ring Dinner, the night that every junior is given their Meredith ring, Tea for Two, an evening that Meredith girls are able to have tea and cakes with her mother, as well as many more unique events. Meredith College is also known for its beautiful, yet small, inviting campus.


Meredith is known for educating women to excel. We have a very strong education, music, and business program.


Meredith College is known for being friendly and a well achieved all womens college. The women here are very focused on bettering their future.


Meredith College is a liberal arts women's college. There is a sterotype of a prude, conservative, preppy girl. People like to joke that they are there for the MRS degree. It offers a lot of majors that are not offered at most public school with in the state of North Carolina. Most of these programs are some of the best in the South Eastern United States. Although, our school is considered a school for well-off girls, it has a lot of underprivialged students as well.


Feminism. Religious and cultural women.


Our traditions.


Producing strong women who are well trained for their chosen field and participate as global citizens.


t-shirts and the ability to give back to the community




The fact that it is an all girls school.


Mostly for being all women. Cornhuskin' and other major events are also well known in the community.


we are best known for our business school as well as our psychology department.